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Introduction to the Yabuta Seminar on Gene Expression and Singnal
Note: the Yabuta Seminar, a seminar funded by the Yabuta Fund in Japanese
Society of Agricultural Biological Chemistry will be held on May 16, 1998

Title: Gene Expression and Signal Transduction=20

Language: JAPANESE

It is becoming important to understand gene expression and signal
transduction in cellular and its structural leves in terms of not only
molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and morphological aspects.
This approach is often called "Molecular Cell Biology" and is especially
important to understand differentiation and growth of cells and
cellularresponses to circumstances. In this seminar, we will talk about
several topics and recent advancement on these subjects in various
organisms: human chromosomes and microbial and plant cells.=20

Place: College of Agriculture, Ehime University, 3-Tarumi, Matsuyama 7908566
Registration: not necessary in advance. Free registration.
Registration for a party after the seminar: please registor by fax or
e-mail in advance or at the meeting.
We have also some accomodiation in campus also.
e-mail abe at dpc.ehime-u.ac.jp=20
telefax:089-946-9853, fax 089-977-4364=81@=20


Morning session

Chromosomal aberation and abnormal gene expression in human.
Dr. I Kondo
School of Medicine, Ehime University
Expression of phospholipase and its relation to cell physiology in yeasts
Dr. Y. Tamai
College of Agriculture, Ehime University

Structure of promotor region of a gene encoding adenylatecyclase and its
regulation in E. coli
Dr. T. Komano=20
Kinki University, Wakayama Prefecture.

Role of the cytoskeleton in gene expression and signal transduction in=
Dr. Shunnosuke Abe
College of Agriculture, Ehime University.

Transient regulation of gene expression and its relation to signal
transduction in plants
Dr. J. Takeda
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto

Respons to environmental stress and salt torelance in plants
Dr. H. Hayashi, Faculty of Science, Ehime University

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