question on leaf derived signal

Lorine S Horvath lhorvath at plains.NoDak.edu
Tue Nov 18 09:28:08 EST 1997

I have run into an interesting problem.  I am looking at signals that
control quiescence of underground adventitious shoot buds ina a perennial
weed (leafy spurge), and have found that there is a signal that is
generated in the leaves which is independant from an additional signal
generated in the growing meristematic regions (probably auxin).  The leaf
derived signal is phloem transportable, requires light for its production,
and probably plays some role in inducing genes for GA systhesis in the
underground adventitious shoot buds.  It is also pretty potent since as
few as three leaves left on the plant will reduce growth of the UASBs by
nearly 50%.  The signal is not capable of passing through an agar bridge.
Given that the siganl requires light for it's production, I suspect it is
either a photosynthate, or requires a photosynthate for it's production.
My question is:  Are there any good inhibitors of any of the steps in
photosynthesis (light or dark cycle)?  Any help with this question or any
additional ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Horvath
Fargo, ND

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