Upcoming Symposium - Information Processing Systems in Plants:

Bratislav Stankovic stankovic.1 at osu.edu
Tue Jan 21 13:44:49 EST 1997

The Plant Cell Training Grant at the University of California, Davis
is pleased to announce a Spring Symposium entitled
Information Processing Systems in Plants:  Their Evolution & Function,
occurring March 21-26, 1997.

For full information and online registration please visit the Symposium
home page at http://www-mcb.ucdavis.edu/SPR97/ or request a brochure
from kcmcfarland at ucdavis.edu

Thank you

>>The current information, speaker list and topics are appended.
>>Information Processing Systems in Plants: Their Evolution & Function
>>Spring Symposium
>>March 21-26, 1997
>>University of California, Davis
>>Organized by NSF Plant Cell Biology Training Grant
>>The first International Symposium to be held under the auspicies of the
>>NSF - Plant Cell Biology Training Grant
>>will take place from 21-26 March, 1997, on the Davis Campus of the
>>University of California.  This Spring '97 Symposium will provide a forum
>>for discussion of recent insights gained in the area of the
>>evolution and function of information processing systems in plants.
>> Symposium Organizers:
>>William J. Lucas
>> Univ. of California, Davis
>>Clarence Ryan
>> Washington State University, Pullman
>>Program Committee:
>>        Marilynn Etzler
>>        David Gilchrist
>>        John Harada
>>        Richard Jorgensen
>>        Clark Lagarias
>>        William (Bill) Lucas  (Co-Chair)
>>        Richard Nuccitelli
>>        Donald Phillips
>>        Peter Quail
>>        Clarence (Bud) Ryan   (Co-Chair)
>>        Neelima Sinha
>>Symposium Sponsors:
>>        National Science Foundation
>>        Division of Biological Sciences-UCD
>>        College of Ag. & Environ. Sciences-UCD
>>        Division of Graduate Studies-UCD
>>        Japan Tobacco
>>        Ceiba-Geigy Corp.
>>        Beckman Instruments, Inc.
>>Scientific Program:
>>The scientific program will include presentations on areas of research
>>that have experienced recent major advances.
>>These areas will be covered by invited plenary speakers. In addition,
>>contributed papers on related topics will be presented in three
>>concurrent poster sessions. Sessions will convene from the morning of
>>the 22nd to the evening of the 25th.
>> Major Topics:
>> 1. Role of Chemical Gradients in Signaling
>> 2. Intracytoplasmic Communication
>>        I. Inter-Organelle Signaling
>>        II. Biochemical Integrators
>> 3. Evolution of Short & Long-Distance Communication Networks
>> 4. Integrators of Plant Development
>> 5. Environmental Input Signals
>> 6. Physiological Information Processing
>> 7. Biotic Symbioses
>> 8. Biotic Warfare
>> Invited Speakers:
>> Richard Amasino, Barbara Baker, Janet Braam, Tony Cashmore, Steve Clouse,
>>Gloria Coruzzi, Joe Ecker, Marilynn Etzler, Lew Feldman, David Gilchrist,
>>Robert Goldberg, Michael Grusak, Kim Hammond-Kosack, Ann Hirsch, Richard
>>Jorgensen, Yoram Kapulnick, Steve Kay, Dan Klessig, Pappachan Kolattukudy,
>>Clark Lagarias, Sharon Long (lab), Bill Lucas, Pal Maliga, Francis Martin,
>>John Mullet, Jack Okamuro, Peter Quail, Ralph Quatrano, Pam Ronald,
>>Bud Ryan, Heinz Saedler, Masamitsu Wada, Elizabeth Vierling, Peter Walter,
>>Jeffrey Williams
>> Facilities:
>> All sessions will take place on the Davis Campus.
>>Poster sessions, meals and exhibits will take place in the U.C. Davis
>>Campus, which includes shops, post office, UCD bookstore and coffee house.
>>The Campus is within easy walking distance of nearby motels.
>> U. C. Davis and its Surrounds:
>>Renowned for its prolific agricultural history, the Davis Campus is a
>>leading center for plant research.  Located in the fertile Central Valley,
>>the Davis Campus is within reach of the Napa Valley wine country and
>>the San Francisco Bay Area to the west, and the majesty of the Sierra
>>Nevada (with excellent skiing facilities) to the east.
>> Accommodations:
>>Davis has a number of motels.  For more information, see the Symposium
>>website (http://www-mcb.ucdavis.edu/SPR97/), or contact the Conference
>>Secretary. Early reservations are highly recommended.
>> Registration Fee:
>>The registration fee until January 30, 1997 is $150 ($120 for students),
>>and increases to $175 for non-students on February 1, 1997.
>>This fee includes all Symposium lunches and dinners.
>>Meals will be catered on campus to foster interactions between Symposium
>>More information including provisional titles, abstracts, travel
>>information and the Symposium schedule are available on-line.
>> Registration:
>>The preferred method for registration is to complete the form on the
>>NSF-Plant Cell Biology Symposium website found at
>>Alternatively, attendees may submit the information requested on the
>>brochure registration form by email, fax or post.
>>The brochure will be mailed to you upon request.
>> Any questions please contact:
>>Email: fzkcm at ucdavis.edu
>>Fax: (1) 916-752-5410
>>attention: Conference Secretary
>>Conference Secretary
>>Plant Cell Biology Training Grant
>>Section of Plant Biology
>>University of California, Davis
>>Davis, CA  95616

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