Symposium on protein traffic & cytoskeleton

Tobias Baskin baskin at biosci.mbp.missouri.edu
Tue Jan 21 13:39:40 EST 1997

        The 16th Annual Missouri Symposium will be held from April 16th to
April 19th 1997 at the University of Missouri-Columbia, run under the
auspices of the University's Interdisciplinary Plant Group. This year the
meeting is called:

        Signs and Roadways: Protein Traffic and the Cytoskeleton

A provisional program is included below. Please note that additional
speakers for short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.
Deadline for consideration for an additional speaker slot is Feb 3, 1997.
For further information, phone 573-882-7796, fax 573-882-5635, or e-mail
bcadmin at muccmail.missouri.edu

        Becky Boston -- (North Carolina State) ER chaperonins
        Loic Faye -- (Univ. Rouen, France) KDEL localization signal
        Tom Okita --  (Washington State) ER subdomains
        Brian Larkins --- (Univ. of Arizona) protein storage in maize
        Gad Galili -- (Weizmann Inst., Israel) protein body development in

        Azeddine Driouich -- (Univ. Rouen, France) polysaccharide
        Jeremy Bruenn -- (SUNY Buffalo) Kex2 protease in plants
        Arnd Sturm -- (Fredrich Meischer Inst.) N-linked Glycans

        Eliot Herman -- (USDA  ARS, Bethesda) vacuolar biogenesis
        Francis Marty -- (Univ. Bourgogne, France) tonoplast intrinsic proteins
        John Rogers  -- (Univ. of Missouri) distinct vacuolar compartments
        Ken Matsuoka -- (Nagoya Univ., Japan) vacuolar targeting

Vesicular Traffic
        Natasha Raikhel -- (MSU-DOE, East Lansing)  plant "SNAPs and SNAREs"
        David Robinson -- (Univ. Gottingen) vesicles in vacuolar targeting

Organelle Movements
        Peter Hepler -- (Univ. of Massachusetts) calcium gradients and
        Andrew Staehelin -- (Univ. of Colorado) vesicle fusion and cell
plate formation
        Giampiero Cai --  (Univ. Siena, Italy) organelle movements in
pollen tubes
        Teruo Shimmen -- (Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan)
myosin-based streaming

        Richard Cyr -- (Penn. State) microtubule organization and dynamics
        Carol Wymer -- (John Innes Institute, UK) microtubules in living cells
        Marilyn Vantard -- (CNRS, Strasbourg, France)
microtubule-associated proteins
        Geoff Wasteneys -- (Australian National Univ.) microtubule
organization mutants
        Tetsuhiro Asada -- (Univ. of Osaka, Japan) microtubule motor proteins
        Carolyn Silflow -- (Univ. of Minnesota) centrosomes
        Pete Snustad --- (Univ. of Minnesota) tubulin genes

        Don Foskett -- (Univ. of California) actin associated genes
        Chris Staiger -- (Purdue) actin and actin-binding proteins
        S. Ramachandran -- (Inst. Molecular Agrobiology, Singapore)
actin-associated proteins

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