Symposium on Information Processing Systems in Plants

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Subject: Symposium on Information Processing Systems in Plants
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"Information Processing Systems in Plants: Their Evolution & Function"

Spring Symposium
March 21-26, 1997
University of California, Davis

Organized by NSF Plant Cell Biology Training Grant

The first International Symposium to be held under the auspicies
of the NSF - Plant Cell Biology Training Grant will take place
from 21-26 March, 1997, on the Davis Campus of the University of
California.  This Spring '97 Symposium will provide a forum for
discussion of recent insights gained in the area of the evolution
and function of information processing systems in plants.

Please check our website at http://www-mcb.ucdavis.edu/SPR97 for
the most current information including the schedule of speakers
and titles, and a complete online registration form
or contact me if you have any other questions.

Symposium Organizers:
	William J. Lucas
	Univ. of California, Davis
	Clarence Ryan
	Washington State University, Pullman

Program Committee:
	Marilynn Etzler	
	David Gilchrist	
	John Harada		
	Richard Jorgensen	
	Clark Lagarias	
	William (Bill) Lucas  (Co-Chair)
	Richard Nuccitelli	
	Donald Phillips		
	Peter Quail		
	Clarence (Bud) Ryan   (Co-Chair)	
	Neelima Sinha	

Symposium Sponsors:
	National Science Foundation
 	Division of Biological Sciences-UCD
	College of Ag. & Environ. Sciences-UCD
	Division of Graduate Studies-UCD
	Japan Tobacco
	Ceiba-Geigy Corp.
	Beckman Instruments, Inc.

Scientific Program:
The scientific program will include presentations on areas of research
that have experienced recent major advances. These areas will be
covered by invited plenary speakers. In addition, contributed papers
on related topics will be presented in three concurrent poster
sessions.  Sessions will convene from the morning of the 22nd to the
evening of the 25th.

Major Topics:

1. Role of Chemical Gradients in Signaling

2. Intracytoplasmic Communication 

	I.  Inter-Organelle Signaling 
	II. Biochemical Integrators

3. Evolution of Short & Long-Distance
    Communication Networks

4. Integrators of Plant Development

5. Environmental Input Signals

6. Physiological Information Processing

7. Biotic Symbioses

8. Biotic Warfare

Invited Speakers:

Richard Amasino, Barbara Baker, Janet Braam, Tony Cashmore, Steve Clouse,
Gloria Coruzzi, Joe Ecker, Marilynn Etzler, Lew Feldman, David Gilchrist,
Robert Goldberg, Michael Grusak, Ann Hirsch, Jonathan Jones, Richard
Jorgensen, Yoram Kapulnick, Steve Kay, Dan Klessig, Pappachan Kolattukudy,
Clark Lagarias, Sharon Long (lab), Bill Lucas, Pal Maliga, Francis Martin,
John Mullet, Jack Okamuro, Peter Quail, Ralph Quatrano, Pam Ronald, Bud Ryan,
Heinz Saedler, Masamitsu Wada, Peter Walter, Jeffrey Williams 


All sessions will take place on the Davis Campus.  Poster sessions, meals
and exhibits will take place in the U.C. Davis Memorial Union, which
includes shops, post office, UCD bookstore and coffee house.  The Campus
is within easy walking distance of nearby motels.

U. C. Davis and its Surrounds:

Renowned for its prolific agricultural history, the Davis Campus is a
leading center for plant research.  Located in the fertile Central
Valley, the Davis Campus is within reach of the Napa Valley wine country
and the San Francisco Bay Area to the west, and the majesty of the Sierra
Nevada (with excellent skiing facilities) to the east.


Davis has a number of motels.  For more information, see the Symposium
(http://www-mcb.ucdavis.edu/SPR97/ ), or contact the Conference Secretary.
Early reservations are highly recommended.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee until January 30, 1997 is $150 ($120 for students),
and increases to $175 for non-students on February 1, 1997.  This fee
includes all Symposium lunches and dinners.  Meals will be catered on
campus to foster interactions between Symposium participants.

More information including provisional titles, abstracts, travel information
and the Symposium schedule are available on-line.


The preferred method for registration is to complete the form on the
NSF-Plant Cell Biology Symposium website found at 
Alternatively, attendees may submit the information requested on the
brochure registration form by email, fax or post.  The brochure will be
mailed to you on or about Dec 24th.
Any questions please contact us:

Email: fzkcm at ucdavis.edu

Fax: (1) 916-752-5410
attention: Conference Secretary

Conference Secretary
Plant Cell Biology Training Grant
Section of Plant Biology
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA  95616

>K.C. McFarland
Plant Cell Biology Training Grant
>University of California, Davis
>email kcmcfarland at ucdavis.edu

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