Rice Proteins

Takashi Okamoto taokamoto at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Aug 25 09:34:23 EST 1997

Daer Folks

I am interesting of someone, form this newsgroup, is actively working on
Rice plant biochemistry, cell biology.

Particularly, I am interesting in crude protein isolation from rice
roots. Despite using a coctail of different proteases' inhibitors....I
have a few proteins on SDS-PAGE Gel.  Curiouisly, protein determination
by BCA assay shows sufficient protein amounts...but as I have noted...I
can't see those bands on the gel.

Respecting to above mention...did anyone cinflict with the same problem?
Ant suggestion is highly appreciated.


Dr. L. Darjania
e-mail: ldarj at ccwf.cc.utrxas.edu

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