Chris Rock BOROCK at usthk.ust.hk
Mon Dec 30 08:08:44 EST 1996


A research associate position is available to study the 
molecular genetics and cell biology of abscisic acid 
signal transduction.  The successful applicant can take a 
primary role in two ongoing projects.  We are 
characterizing at the biochemical, physiological, 
genetic, and molecular levels Arabidopsis mutants which 
have been selected for overexpression of an ABA- and 
drought-inducible transgene (see Abstract #P175, 7th Int. 
Norwich.html).  A second project involves flow cytometry 
of rice protoplasts which express green fluorescent 
protein (GFP) driven by an ABA-inducible promoter. 
Multichannel flow cytometry provides a powerful means to 
simultaneously correlate the activities of secondary 
messengers (e.g. Ca++, pH), the presence of cell surface 
antigens involved in ABA signalling, and ABA-inducible 
gene expression.  We will characterize the interaction of 
these cellular parameters with transiently expressed abi1 
and Abi3/Vp1 genes, which trans-repress and trans-
activate ABA-inducible gene expression, respectively, in 
rice protoplasts.

The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in an 
appropriate field (plant background preferred but not 
required) and experience with recombinant DNA techniques, 
and be willing to live and work in Hong Kong, one of the 
most exciting cities in Asia and, in 1997, party to the 
greatest peaceful transfer of sovereignty in history.  
Salary is $US 34,150/yr plus fringe benefits, with an 
initial appointment for one year and the possibility of 
renewal.  New, reasonably priced accomodations are 
available on campus.  For more information on the Biology 
Department and faculties at Hong Kong University of 
Science and Technology, visit the HKUST website 
(http://www.ust.hk)and contact Chris Rock (email: 
borock at usthk.ust.hk).

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