Mon Dec 16 13:09:14 EST 1996



                Molecular Technologies Program
                Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre (ECORC)
                Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
                Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C6

The Molecular Technologies component of our Crop Development Program
(formerly within the Plant Research Centre) has established several
collaborations with industry to strengthen research in plant
biotechnology for crop production and protection.

New positions are available in the following areas:

1.      The regulation of gene expression and development of
tissue-specific, inducible and constitutive promoters for expression
of heterologous genes in a range of crop species.

2.      Enhancement of low temperature tolerance in transgenic crops
through the introduction and expression of novel genes.

3.      Enhancement of seed oil levels in transgenic plants through the
manipulation of metabolic pathways in organs of developing seeds.

4.      Development of novel techniques for generating resistance to
fungal pathogens in transgenic plants.

Multidisciplinary research teams will be assembled to undertake
projects that are well-established at the centre.  Post-doctoral
fellows (approx. $36,000 Cdn per year) will be supported by
experienced Research Scientists and Research Technicians that will
also be recruited under this initiative.  Applications to the program
for Visiting Fellows in Canadian Government Laboratories should be
addressed immediately to the Visiting Fellowships Office, Natural
Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 350 Albert
Street, 14th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 1H5 (Phone: (613)
996-4363, FAX: (613) 992-5337, E-mail: NXL at NSERC.CA).  Indicate ECORC
as the location of tenure on the application.

Copies of applications should be sent to Brian Miki, Eastern Cereal
and Oilseed Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Room
2091, K.W. Neatby Bldg., CEF, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0C6 (Phone:
(613) 759-1685, FAX: (613) 759-1701, E-Mail:  MIKIB at EM.AGR.CA) by
January 31, 1997.  All applications will be peer reviewed and
documented research experience in gene cloning, gene expression
and/or manipulation of transgenic plants will be essential.

Successful candidates may start as early as April 1, 1997.  PDF
positions are limited to a maximum of 2 years however current funding
is available to retain several staff for an additional 1-2 years
under this initiative.

Enquiries:      Brian Miki      Phone:  (613) 759-1685
                                                FAX:            (613) 759-1701
                                                E-Mail: MIKIB at EM.AGR.CA

                        Jas Singh       Phone:  (613) 759-1662
                                                FAX:            (613) 759-1701
                                                E-Mail: SINGHJA at EM.AGR.CA

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