Help on Electronegativity

Jiyuan Luan luanjiyu at sun5.vpec.ee.vt.edu
Tue Dec 10 21:52:26 EST 1996

Electronegativity is important to life because it is the way cell (or
any other units of life) can store energy. As you know, in most of the
cases, the electronegativity is built up by the Na-K pump which consumes
This is actually a process of building up a potential which the cell
needs for its normal function (like a neural cell reacts to a stimulus). By 
maintaining this potential, the velocity of building up this potential
does not necessarily needed to be matched with the velocity the cell can
react to the external stimulus.

My personal points of view.

Jiyuan Luan 

Need Help wrote:
> In which ways is electronegativity connected and important to life?  For
> instance electronegative is need for plasma membrane.  Is there any other
> examples of how electronegative is useful?

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