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Regarding Iris Meier's recent message

lee hadden hadden at wingate.edu
Wed Oct 29 09:16:44 EST 2003

This is not the type of advertising I mind.  Mentioning the availability of
a potentially helpful professional link, which happens to have a fee
associated with it, is not in the same category as being bombarded with ads
for sites or materials which are mainly for commercial gain, or more than
recovering basic operating expenses.  As long as Jon doesn't have to "blur"
too many lines [creating more trouble for him] I would not be opposed to
legitimate professional "advertising"  --  at least until that was the main
thing this site hosted or until every lab / lecture resource posted on the
internet had a fee tagged on to it.

I've yet to run into anyone who is in teaching for the money.  On the other
hand I don't think educators should have to subsidize education out of their
own pockets any more than we do with our modest salaries.  Fair
reimbursement is fair.

Lee Hadden
Department of Biology
Wingate University
Wingate, NC  28174

Jon Monroe wrote:

> David et al.,
> Your question begs me (as Plant-ed moderator) to blur the line between
> messages that hold true to the charter
> (http://www.bio.net/charters/plant-ed) and those that advertise.  In
> Iris' case she asked a qustion about how to reach interested people.
> I'm willing to do what Plant-ed readers want so if you have an opinion,
> please respond to David's question:
> "May we too advertise on Plant.Ed . Would anyone object?"
> Jon Monroe
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Regarding Iris Meier's recent message
> Date: 29 Oct 2003 02:36:40 -0000
> From: d.a.walker at sheffield.ac.uk (David Alan Walker)
> Organization: BIOSCI/MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
> To: plant-ed at net.bio.net
> Newsgroups: bionet.plants.education
> In Plant .Ed, Iris Meier recently brought our attention  to  a “new
> online course”.  I don’t wish to divert attention from the course
> itself, which sounds eminently worthy of support. However, she raised
> another matter, dear to my own heart, when she said, with admirable
> frankness, :-
> “I can't teach it for free (which I would) because the provider of the
> online teaching service has to live too, so I will offer it for a
> marginal fee of $8”.
> We all have “to live too”. Like everyone I know in our business I have
> made most, of what I have to contribute, freely available to my
> colleagues but there is a residue. If  as a scientist you write a book
> and it is published by a major publisher you may get a royalty of 10% if
> you are lucky. Publishers have to live. So do book sellers. Both have to
> advertise. I have no complaint. But authors and independent publishers
> have “to live too” So what if you and I wish to publish something out of
> the normal run of things? Publishing ‘online’ is not a problem and look
> at what BitPass <http://www.bitpass.com/> has now brought about. But how
> to bring our wares to the attention of  potential readers?  Commercial
> advertising is too costly to contemplate. May we too advertise on
> Plant.Ed . Would anyone object?
> Regards
> David
> >From David Walker, FRS., Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis,
> University of Sheffield, UK.
> http://www.oxygraphics.co.uk/
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