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Johannes Messinger jffvnmess at aol.comnojunk
Mon Oct 11 19:12:53 EST 1999

Dear colleague,

I would appreciate if you could bring the following job offer for a
'Doktoranden/Doktorandinnen' (PhD-student) position in Berlin, Germany, to the
attention of your students.


Johannes Messinger

One position for a 'Doktorand/in' (PhD student) is available starting
immediatly within the project: 'Mechanism of photosynthetic water oxidation:
structure, redox states, and substrate water binding'. The project is supported
by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and runs for two years with the
possibility of extension. My group is located at the Max-Volmer-Institut,
TU-Berlin, Germany, and collaborates with several groups in and outside the
institute for this project. The salary is based on Bat IIa/2.
In this project the mechanism of photosynthetic water oxidation is analyzed
using techniques like EPR (X, Q, W band), X-ray absorption spectroscopy, NMR
and flash induced oxygen evolution. The water oxidase contains a cluster of 4
Mn ions and runs through five oxidations states during catalysis. These states
will be generated in the PS II samples by illumination with Nd/YAG laser
flashes and are then analyzed with the techniques mentioned above. Depending on
his/her interest, the candidate can be involved in the full range from sample
preparation and characterization to the biophysical measurements and the
simulation of the EPR and EXAFS data. Please send your applications to: Dr.
Johannes Messinger, Max-Volmer-Institut der TU-Berlin (PC 14), Straße des 17.
Juni 135, D-10623 Berlin; FAX: (030) 314 21 122; email:
johannes at struktur.chem.tu-berlin.de; Tel. 030/314 26389.

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