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Request for reprints, etc.

Govindjee govindje at ARIES.SCS.UIUC.EDU
Thu Jun 15 12:52:39 EST 1995

Dear Photosynthesis Net Readers:

	Dr. Adam Gilmore and I, at the address given below, plan to 
submit a "minireview" to Physiologia Plantarum on the mechanistic aspects 
of xanthophyll-cycle dependent non-radiative energy dissipation in higher 
plants and algae.

In this minireview, we are particularly interested in including data and 
discussion on:
	(1) Ultrafast (femtoseconds to picoseconds) time-resolved  absorption 
spectroscopy pertaining to the xanthophyll cycle pigments or related 
carotenoids in vitro (or in vivo, if available).
	(2) Ultrafast (picoseconds to nanoseconds) time-resolved 
fluorescence analysis related to quenching of fluorescence by 
xanthophyll-cycle pigments or to "photoinhibition" processes.
	(3) Fluorescence analysis of Light-harvesting Chl a/Chl b complex 
II (LHC-II)- deficient mutants especially with relation to xanthophyll- 
dependent quenching of Chl a fluorescence.
	(4) Fluorescence and/or pigment analysis of mutations affecting 
the minor CP (chlorophyll proteins) of the PSII inner antenna (labeled as 
CP-24,CP-26,and CP-29).
	[We would also like to get in touch with anyone who is making or 
planning to make mutants on these complexes, if none are available yet.]
	(5) Analysis of xanthophyll-cycle dependent quenching of 
fluorescence and of xanthophyll-dependent chloroplast ATPase activity at 
low physiological temperatures.

Would you be kind enough to send us, by first class or by air mail, your 
reprints, preprints and papers in preparation on this or related topic?
Any comments on these topics will also be appreciated? Would you also 
please let us know of any work of others that you may be aware of in 
these areas?

	We would be delighted to share with you a copy of our 
"minireview" when ready, if you would please include your name and 
address in your mailing to us.

	If you would like to see what we have done this year in this 
area, you may please look at the following paper:A. Gilmore,T.L. Hazlett 
and Govindjee "Xanthophyll cycle dependent quenching of photosystem II 
chlorophyll a fluorescence: Formation of a quenching complex with a short 
fluorescence lifetime" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 92,pp. 2273-2277 (March, 1995).

	With kind regards, and, with appreciation in anticipation of your 
forthcoming help,

Adam Gilmore and Govindjee
(address is given below)

June 15, 1995

Govindjee                                Office telephone: 217-333-1794   
Department of Plant Biology              Office fax: 217-244-7246
University of Illinois                   Home telephone:217-337-0627   
505 South Goodwin Avenue                 Home fax: 217-337-6196
  265 Morrill Hall
Urbana, IL 61801-3707                  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want to write a letter to my home, please use the following address:
2401 South Boudreau, Urbana, IL 61801-6655
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