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[Parasitology] Scabies - advice??

kjanus at gmail.com kjanus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 01:41:27 EST 2005

Just looking for advice from anyone who has had the misfortune of a
scabies attack...

I believe that the culprit is a second-hand bed that I have been
sleeping on... however I bought the bed months ago and the symptoms
only showed up relatively recently.  Have I (or my partner) been
carrying the mite for this entire time?  Neither of us has had scabies
before so I understand that it can take 4-6 weeks for the telltale
symptoms to show up. Are my housemates at risk?

My partner had an itching problem a while back that we originally
thought was a reaction to penicillin, but it continued... and then I
also started showing symptoms in all the usual places for scabies
(itchy wrists, stomach, upper thighs etc.) little red bumps etc.

I finally went to the doctor and we treated ourselves with Derbac-M
(with malathion), all over the body from the neck down, and left it on
overnight and for most of the next day since we didn't have to go to
work.  This was a couple of days ago.  I still have the occasional
itchiness, though not as bad as before treatment.  Is this normal?
When will be itchiness go away, assuming the Derbac worked?

We also got rid of the 2nd-hand bed and have been sleeping on another,
hopefully mite-free bed.  We treated with Derbac and in the morning got
all of the bedclothes out of the house to be washed properly, including
pillows and blankets.  We changed the sheets on the new bed
post-treatment & put all clothes/towels that were around in plastic
bags, to be washed in hot water as soon as possible.

Any other advice on how to prevent the little buggers from making a
return appearance?  We're planning to do another Derbac treatment in a
week (as per the bottle instructions), and trying our very best to
avoid all clothes that could be affected.  I still feel itchy but I'm
assuming that although the mites are probably dead, they are still
there... somewhere... (ugh) Today I kept thinking that I could see tiny
little black specks on my skin, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I still need to clean the room (original site of infection)... is it
enough to vacuum it?  Haven't really been in there since this was
diagnosed, bed is gone... any risk factor there?

thanks for any advice about this extremely annoying little pest!!

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