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Blasto. hominis - question for Judy D.

Jenni jennimayall at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 25 08:49:46 EST 2002

Thanks Judy.
The reason I ask is because my husband's mother was diag. with Blasto.
2 years ago by a lab called Smokies???? in the US (she was on hols)  
She's had a lot of trouble getting her doctors and specialists here in
UK to take her infection seriously.  She had lots of tests, ie.
colonosocopy etc without result.  She has bowel & stomach pain a
lot,dizziness and feels sick and see reported diarrhea and as she
described it - spongy looking stools.  She has also lost some weight.

Flagyl treatment relieved her of the symptoms for 3 weeks but then she
became ill again. Another dose had no effect.  Her doc. is sure that
Flagyl would have killed the parasite and that she has IBS.

As many stool tests in our town both before and after the Smokies
diagnoses have been neg., my husband decided to do some research on
this parasite at the uni where he works.  It seems the sample jars
need to contain fixative to find it...something her doc. has never
heard of and is sceptical.  He also found out that not all labs report
it and some only look for certain forms.  I just wanted a second
opinion.  All other tests were neg. and Flagyl hasn't helped so were
not sure where to go from here. Are there any other treatents for
Blasto? We're understandably worried about her.
Thanks for the x-post...look forward to hearing the results.

 > Gee, thanks for the confidence but I really don't know. I
> call them when I see them and let the docs decide if they're relevant. I
> will cross-post this to sci.med.laboratory and see if any of the other
> micro people in there have any comments.  These organisms can vary
> anywhere from 5-30 microns in diameter and can be difficult to detect in
> low numbers. Their relevancy to infection has been disputed. Some
> textbooks relegate them to the yeast category.
> One of our infectious disease docs only worried about them in AIDS
> patients. She then was particular about the quantitation.
> Why do you ask?
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology
> Jenni wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > I wanted to ask Judy Dilworth about lab detection of B.hominis
> > Are all forms of Blasto. currently looked for by labs and not just the
> > most common 10 to 15 .,m diameter vacuolar form? ie. are the smaller
> > forms looked for also?
> > Thanks
> > Jenni Mayall

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