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JEDilworth bactitech at nospamhortonsbay.com
Wed Apr 3 18:42:40 EST 2002



These two URL's may give you more information. Check out the links
included on the sites.  I'm not a physician so can't help you with
treatment options. You may want to contact a doc specializing in
tropical diseases and/or and infectious disease specialist.

M.T.'s are the people who look at your stool sample and check for the
actual parasite. Some parasites shower, i.e. they release lots of
eggs/cysts/trophozoites into the stool at certain times, and they are
not there at other times. There are also blood tests that can detect the
presence of antibodies to some parasites. Finding parasites is sample
dependent. That's why the recommendations are to get three specimens one
to two DAYS apart. If your lab/doc gives you preservative kits, so much
the better.  The formalin vial will preserve any cysts that are present,
while the PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) will preserve the trophozoite form.
Make sure you are using these, rather than submitting in a cup. The cups
are okay if you know the stool will be processed that day. Our place
doesn't do them on weekends or holidays (labor intensive), so if they
come in on a Friday afternoon, they'll sit in the refrigerator until
Monday for processing.  It's best to collect at the beginning of a week.
If the specimen is collected and put into preservatives right away, the
specimens literally last for months, so there's no rush getting them to
the lab.

Sounds like you really need to zero in on a specialist, possibly at a
big medical school/clinic as many local docs don't have a lot of
experience treating stuff like this. I personally have seen E.
histolytica in survey specimens but never in a patient. A lot depends on
your geographic location. I'm located in the upper midwest, and we don't
see a lot of things our colleagues on the coasts in large cities see, as
there are a lot more international travelers in places like NYC, LA, San
Francisco, etc.

Good luck!

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Henrik Liljegren wrote:
> Hi,
> Do anyone know anything about this kind of a problems with amoeba? I am
> greatful of all information I can get.
> Maarit
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