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Parasite Zapper

derek a. zelmer zelmeda4 at WFU.EDU
Mon Mar 1 07:29:44 EST 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, LeChau wrote:

> Anyone tried the Parasite Zapper before?

I presume you are taking about the zapper proposed by Hulda Clark, who
claims that all cancer is caused by Fasciolopsis buskii (a parasite
endemic to asia) that has been stimulated to complete its entire life
cycle in the human host because of isopropyl alcohol contamination. I just
bought her book this weekend out of curiosity, and couldn't believe what I
read. She claims to have cured over 100 people of cancer...but makes the
mistake of including her case histories in the book. Of the 139 people she
has 'treated', 93 of them never has cancer, except as diagnosed by her
'machine' which consists of some wires, resistors, aluminum foil plates
attached to a shoe box lid, a speaker, and copper tubing. Basically she
tells people that they have cancer, then sells them her cure, then tells
them they are cured. The only people she saw that did recover (about 7 I
think) were undergoing radiation therapy and chemo. In no instance was a
person diagnosed with cancer by a doctor, treated by this woman, and
demonstrated to be recovered by a doctor. It is a hoax that plays on
peoples hopes and fears. She also diagnoses people with HIV. In my opinion
she should be in jail...if there are not laws protecting people from
manipulators like her, there definitely should be. She claims that her
treatments don't conflict with real treatment, but recommends that you
throw out prescription medication because its contamination will cause the
parasite(s) to grow. She implicates many other parasites as well and has
'diagnosed' people with dog heartworm, and ascarids, and claims that at
the center of every tumor lies a cysticercus. It is unbelievable. I plan
to use it as a teaching tool...find the 273 things wrong with this


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