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Henry Ford once said "Thinking is the hardest
work there is, which is probably the reason so
few engage in it." AimRite Holdings Corporation
(OTCBB: AIMH) has done lots of "hard work"!  
They have introduced a exciting new automotive
technology that could revolutionize a segment
of the automotive industry.

********** News Flash **********

AimRite Holdings Corporation Approves Project
with General Motors 

1999--AimRite Holdings Corporation (OTCBB:AIMH)
is pleased to announce that it has approved a
project proposed by a division of General Motors
(NYSE: GM). Lonnie Woods, Executive Director of
COAST Operations stated, "We are very pleased to
have the opportunity to work with GM on this
exciting project. Further details will be
released in the near future." 

********** News Flash **********

AimRite Holdings Corporation (OTCBB: AIMH)
introduces exciting new automotive technology.

With the economy growing at an unprecedented rate,
many industries have prospered.  The automobile
industry is one of these industries.  The
automobile giants cannot keep up with demand on
certain vehicles like Sport Utility Vehicles.
The potential in this industry is overwhelming.  

Imagine the potential profits for a company that
made a new suspension system that could
revolutionize suspension technology.  Imagine
putting a new suspension system into cars that
would make them ride smoother and make them safer.
Wouldn’t every car manufacturer want to put this
system in their vehicles?

AimRite has invented a suspension system that
could revolutionize an automobile’s present
suspension system.  Their products will
initially be targeted at automobiles that will
use the system the most, sport utility vehicles,
trucks and recreational vehicles. Eventually,
they will have COAST systems for all suspension-
based vehicles. 

The COAST system improves a vehicle's ride
performance as well as increases the safety of
the vehicle. It does this by controlling a
vehicle’s suspension, effectively helping the
vehicle stay in closer and better contact to
the road at all times. Systems today use pumps
and high-speed serovalves in search of "active"
suspensions. COAST's system consists of
actuators, solenoid valves and a position
sensor. A computer at every wheel reports
suspension position to a main computer that
determines optimal positioning, which is then
transmitted by wire to each actuator. The
computer then reacts to surface fluctuation
and can control nine different suspension
factors at once, creating the most advanced
suspension system available.

COAST consists of four electronically
adjustable hydraulic control units (6 for
buses, trucks and recreational vehicles)
that are placed near each wheel on the
vehicle.  Each control unit is connected to
a small computer and thus to the main
computer inside of the vehicle. Each
hydraulic unit has a sensor that reports
the position of the wheel to its computer
400 times per second. The main computer
then determines what the wheel's position
should be and relays this information back
to each sensor at 400 times per second. The
system then positions the wheel in the
position that it needs to be.  Each system
includes a control panel for the driver
that allows the driver to adjust for ride

At present, AimRite has 2 unique COAST
systems available. The first system
services buses, recreational vehicles
and trucks. The second system will be
used for sport utility vehicles and
passenger cars. AimRite will eventually
have a complete line of suspension
systems for any type of suspension-
based vehicle. 

The automobile industry is one of the
biggest and most powerful industries
in the world. There are over 614,000,000
land vehicles in the world today
(Automotive Manufacturers Association).
At present AimRite has created dialogues
with several automobile makers in the
United States and has been prototyping
for these OEMs.  They have received
favorable responses from everyone that
has seen the product at work. The
potential for AimRite and the COAST
system is incredible both in the
original equipment as well as the
aftermarket arena.  

Now you will no longer have to fear
gravel and dirt roads.  Bumpy car rides
will be a thing of the past.  You will
have great comfort in knowing that
AimRite and the COAST system will be
there for you and your loved ones.

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advised that AimRite Holdings Corp. is not
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Corp. as of the date of this publication. The Company
disclaims any intent or obligation to update these
forward-looking statements.

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