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Head Lice

butala butala at pacbell.net
Thu Jul 8 20:41:20 EST 1999

As  the father of three girls, ages12 to 16, my wife and I learned about head
lice the hard way...
Treating the girls with NIX repeatedly proved only to provide temporary relief.
Then, within a matter of weeks one of them would bring it home from school,
camp, etc. I/we have since educated ourselves on the dangers of using chemicals
and pesticides on our children and would do it again.

The ONLY way to safely and effectively remove these creatures is with the use of
the NPA's LiceMeister 'nit' comb. It's much differant than all others, like the
one that comes with the NIX kit for example, as well as the other's in  the drug
stores.  Removing head lice manually is a difficult process, but the NPA's comb
gets rid of 'em faster, easier and for good! You can call your better drug
store's for more information or buy it through the National Pediculosis
Association's  (NPA) home page at :



Dan Sheridan wrote:

> This is Dan Sheridan from the NPA.  We have found very little in the area of
> chemical prevention that has proven itself effective.  The best measure of
> prevention lies within education and policy.  Encourage your local schools
> to adopt "The No-Nit Policy" which encourages the temporary exclusion of
> affected individuals.  Also educate your kids about the risks of head lice
> and how they can get it.
> In regards to treatment of existing cases, the most reliable method is
> manual removal.  We recommend getting a good nit comb (unfortunately there
> are lots of bad ones) and comb through the hair every day.  You should keep
> this up until you have 4 or 5 consecutive days in which you have not seen
> any nits (lice eggs).
> The use of pesticidal shampoos can have hazardous effects especially when
> the products are used repeatedly.  We find that whatever benefit you recieve
> from your first treatment is really the best you will ever see.  Meaning
> that using the product twice is no better than using it once.  Too often
> parents think that a treatment failure is a result of their own doing and
> not due to the lice being resistance to the treatment.
> For more information about lice treatments, prevention, managing an
> outbreak, or where to acquire a nit comb in your area call the NPA at
> (781)449-6487 or visit us on the web at www.gotheadlice.org.
> Monroe Pastermack <keloid at hooked.net> wrote in message
> news:375BD04B.4C0DBC5C at hooked.net...
> > Yes "Virginia" there is a web page for headlice and it's called the
> > National Pediculosis Association.
> >
> > There's a great deal of infomration to be found there albeit a bit
> > disorganized.
> >
> > URL is: http://www.headlice.org/
> >
> > Good luck
> >
> > Monroe

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