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Interesting Parasite?

Curtis W. King cwking at home.com
Sun Jan 31 16:39:09 EST 1999

Hello Jules,

I am a fellow suffering victim of I believe the same if not very similur 
parasite.  I have have been diagnosed with scabies when I was a young
child also my brothers at different times in there lives.
	But more recently I have had a severe attack and called the hospital
advice nurse and they gave me Lindane which when I used it Christmas eve
I witnessed an scarry but interesting event.  That is a parasite
probally changing or morphing before my eyes.  I quickly brushed it down
with all the other things that were falling off.  I seemed to be okay
for several more weeks and then I noticed that I was reaffected.  I
called hospital again and told them they did not give me enough Lindane
and they then gave me about 5 times more stuff. I tried it and it did
not seem to get them all off this time so I also used the commercial
brand stuff.  I was then okay for only a day and a half.
I had called and reported this info to my doctor via and he stated there
was nothing else to proscribe.  I made an emergency appointment the next
day my doctor was not there but the practictioner got me into a
dermatologist.  The only problem was that earlier that day at work I had
cleansed my self enough that when being seen by the dermatologist I
started to explain to her the experiences I have had of recent and for
the last 26 years when I had believed that I had never been fully
cleared of scabies.  Back then I was about 10 and the whole experience
of cleaning everything clothes house but as I recall know in writing
this they did not have my parents nor my brothers and sisters also
cleansed.  Any there has been many reports of people feeling bugs
crawling on them and being seen by dermatologist that they have
concluded it as being an mental disorder and try prescribing drugs since
the patients also usually brought in a box of lint with scales or blood
in and the dermatologist did not find anything.  So as usual the
dermatologist did a very poor exam and concluded that it was a phycosis
they have named Delusion of Parasitosis. This happened last thursday and
since I have been going through an extreme search to find and cure the
problem myself.  I have made some astounding discoveries and I am
planning to document it as much as possible.  
	I have not shared this with any others yet.  I am concerned that the
first response from anyone is to claim insanity.  I am a very creative
and investigative person.  I am glad I happened to run accross your
Diary because I am also trying to figure it all out.  I will take some
Garlic after writing this.  Also when you get that tast in your mouth I
have fournd that whatever parasite this is it does not like mint.
And if you can keep whatever area it is affecting oily it will leave
that part of your body until that oil is absorbed.  Do whatever you can
not to scratch.  I have noticed by experimenting by putting baby oil or
aloe vera on the ichy area I can see the very very small mites come to
the surface.  They want you to scrath so they will have to not work hard
in getting to our blood.  I suggest you getting a cheap microscope and
taking a look at your spit also I believe as with myself that it is eggs
and mites.

I will take a break now from writing in hopes of you being still on the


Ps Let me know if you want to know more ?
I think it is so much easier sharing this with someone who is there or
has been there.

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