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Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
Tue Dec 21 08:46:08 EST 1999

Dear Pandora:

I think we are all pleased that this will be your last post.  However, I'm
sure that the readers of this group are wondering, "what's going on?"  Why
is Pandora sending messages to a parasitology news group about me, and
what's all this talk about "threats?"  I guess that someone will have to
give the readers some background information, and then let the readers
decide: (1) who is Pandora and what's her relationship to Mr. T.B. (see
below); (2) what is Pandora's motive for posting messages to me on a public
news group; and (3) who is threatening who?  So, readers, here's what's been
happening the past few days.  This series of events was in response to
statements that I made about the work of Hulda Regehr Clark and which appear
on the following web pages:



On about December 11, Mr. T.B. sent a message to Ohio State University, and
the message was subsequently forwarded to me. This message read, in part,
"My client Hulda Clark P.H.D. (sic) is referenced on this page
[http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/fasciolopsis.html] with a link
to a site maintained by an organization that calls itself 'The National
Council Against Health Fraud'. I want this reference removed immediately."
Mr. B. went on to say, "We will need to know how, and with who's permission,
this reference to our client came to be on the OSU website.  It is our
assumption that this slur on our client was not an official OSU action, but
was an action of an employee, or agent, acting without University approval.
We will need the names, and addresses for legal service, of the participants
in this act against our client."

This message was clearly intended to suggest that Mr. B. was an attorney
representing Hulda Clark, but a little research indicated otherwise.
Moreover, when I searched the web for Mr. B.'s name, I found that he has a
history of making legal threats against persons who question the beliefs of
Hulda Clark.  My response to Mr. B. was, in part, "Who are you", and "If you
believe that you have a legitimate legal complaint about my web site and my
link to QuackNet, then please contact me on your professional (letterhead)
stationary.  I do not believe you have a legitimate complaint...." I also
forwarded a copy of Mr. B.'s original message to the University's legal

Mr. B. responded to my e-mail.  "I assume by your megalomanic (sic)
communication that you are in fact the perpetrator of the slur against Dr.
Clark on OSU's official website.  We'll make this simple.  What is your
legal address where you personally can be served?"  Mr. B. was correct, I
was (and am) the perpetrator, and I sent Mr. B. my "legal" address at Ohio
State University.

Two more messages were sent to Ohio State (not to me) complaining about my
web site, and they were subsequently forwarded to me on December 14.  One of
the messages was from Mr. B.  His message read, in part, "It appears your
Dr. Pappas (Dr. Pompous?) is a megalomaniac who believes the OSU web
facility is his own personal device, and not that of the 'People of the
State of Ohio.'  Please forward Pappass's (sic) communication to the
University President' (sic) office."  Mr. B. went on to suggest that OSU's
website is "owned by the people," and that my message regarding Hulda Clark
"is no different than grafitti (sic) - and is in itself a misdemeanor.
Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is a felony."  In ending this message,
Mr. B. suggested that my reference to Hulda Clark's work might in some way
"cause [him] grief," and he stated, "I hold YOU and the University
personally responsible for this apparent madman's actions."

The second message was from Mr. L. R. (who I assume is related to Hulda
Regehr Clark), and Mr. R. requested that his message be forwarded to the
University's President.  He asked OSU's President the following: "Had you
contacted Dr. Clark about your concerns?; Have you extended an opportunity
for her to reply on the same web site where you attacked her?; Does this
attack reflect your university's official position?"

The University's legal counsel responded to Mr. B. and Mr. R.  The message
read, in part, "If you will identify the specific statements on that web
site that you believe to be false, provide whatever evidence you may have
that they are false, and cite the specific criminal statutes you believe to
have been violated, I will be happy to investigate."

Mr. R. responded to the University's legal counsel by saying, "My complaint
was directed to the President, for his reply."  Mr. B. had more to say.  Mr.
B. stated, "I don't give a damn whether Peter Pappas dances naked, and waves
the Nazi flag, ON HIS OWN WEBSITE.  What I care about, and what you need to
care about, is what this guy puts on the OSU WEBSITE."  Mr. B. then stated,
"OSU IS A PUBLIC AGENCY.  Its website is a statement of its OFFICIAL PUBLIC
POLICY."  Furthermore, Mr. B. stated, "His [referring to me] PERSONAL
OPINIONS have no place on the website."  In ending this message, Mr. B.
stated, "Please remove the offending comments, and the link [to QuackNet]

The University's legal counsel responded again to Mr. B. on December 16,
stating: "Your understanding of our policies and practices is incorrect.  It
certainly is our policy not to post illegal or libelous materials, and it is
our practice to remove any such materials that are brought to our attention.
However, the business of a university and its faculty is precisely to engage
in critical analysis and commentary, even when it may be provocative,
unpopular, or controversial."  Counsel went on to invite Mr. B. to "provide
me with the information that I requested [in a previous message]."

Apparently neither Mr. B. nor Mr. R. was satisfied with counsel's comments,
and both responded with additional messages to various people on campus.
Mr. R. responded to counsel by stating, "Ohio State University does not need
the information that you want, (sic) in order to answer the questions that I
directed to the president.  Just answer the questions."  Mr. B. stated, "It
also appears your Dr. Pappas is, in fact, a card carrying member of the
National Council Against Health Fraud (the Quackbusters), and has used his
position at OSU, and his connection with OSU's website, to wrongfully
involve OSU as a participant, and an ally, of a small, but willful, crackpot
group."  Since neither Mr. B.'s nor Mr. R.'s comments responded to the
requests of the University's counsel, counsel wrote to Mr. B. stating, "Your
personal disagreement with Dr. Pappas is not a basis on which I can or will
proceed.  Since you apparently cannot provide the information I requested, I
consider this matter closed."  Now, whether Mr. B. and Mr. R. will consider
"this matter closed" remains to be seen.

Dr. Peter W. Pappas
Department of EEOB
The Ohio State University
1735 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: 614-292-2746
FAX: 614-292-2030
e-mail: pappas.3 at osu.edu
<jalapeno1_ at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:19991220204753.96448.qmail at hotmail.com...

I cannot speak for Tim, but I will make this my last post. (Unless of course
you don't want me too)  ;-)

However, making threats on a public forum shows an unpleasant side. Even
when made in private.

Now I'm sure I can help you.



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