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J.P. Morgan, the world famous banker at the American Bankers
Convention in 1903 was asked what was the secret of his success.
He replied "Opportunity passed me every single second of my life,
but I was perceptive enough to take advantage of these 
The time is always now!

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What is the single largest industry in the United States?

The answer is Healthcare. The Healthcare industry represents over
14% of our Gross Domestic Product and has over 700,000 

20% of this cost or $200 Billion is spent annually on healthcare
administration and continues to escalate. The system is 
struggling to
keep up with claims processing using a disparate network of
thousands of insurance company payors processing on proprietary,
fragmented systems. The healthcare industry acutely needs a
change in its healthcare administration practices.

SIMS Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SIMSC) has solved that need.
Their MedCard System is the only one that processes 100%
paperless third-party insurance billings in the doctors office. 
a desktop terminal or a personal computer, the MedCard System is 
technologically advanced medical benefits verification data 
and insurance claims billing system. The system has received
strong endorsements from the 5,000-member New York County
Medical Society representing physicians in Manhattan and the
1,600-member Suffolk County Medical Society. It provides 
access to a patient's insurance plan information by the 
provider, streamlines front-office operations and reduces the
administrative costs of delivering healthcare. It eliminates most
errors in submitting claims, reducing the number of rejections 
resubmittals that occur. And it expedites payment from the
insurance company. Claims typically are being paid in 7 to 21 
instead of the industry average of 120 days. SIMS receives
revenues from the sale of the equipment, a license fee for their
software and residual income on each transaction processed, with
monthly guaranteed minimums.

SIMS is also a major player in another part of the healthcare
industry: home medical equipment products and services. By the
year 2020, there will be approximately 100 million Americans over
age 50. These people will be the potential home-care patients who
will need locally delivered Home Medical Equipment products and 
SIMS has entered into a strategic marketing partnership with the 
Brunswig Corporation (NYSE: BBC), a Fortune 200 Company with
annual revenues of $16 billion.

Bergen is selling SIMS' One Medical Service System to their
network of independent Good Neighbor Pharmacy(r) customers.
Using a customized, countertop display with a terminal and
telephone communications, the One Medical Service System utilizes
each independent pharmacy as a "gateway" to One Medical
Service's local network of healthcare service vendors. Since all
members of the network, including the pharmacy, are industry-
accredited, it is an extremely efficient organization for 
Home Medical Equipment managed-care contracts from medical 
payors. For the first time, consumers can go to their local 
pharmacy and obtain their prescriptions, softgoods, home medical
equipment and related healthcare services, such as oxygen supply
and wheelchair repairs, from a single source. SIMS obtains
revenues from over 15 profit streams and most of these are
immediately collected through electronic funds transfer (EFT).

SIMS is developing an electronic commerce Internet service also
whereby consumers will be able to order over 5,000 home medical
equipment products on the Internet.

In addition, SIMS has announced that it is launching a new
healthcare Internet "Portal" so that their web site will be the 
gateway to other companies in the healthcare industry. SIMS plans
to become the dominant healthcare content provider on the 

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