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Margaret Rodgers

Derek A Zelmer zelmeda4 at WFU.EDU
Mon Apr 5 06:20:07 EST 1999

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Brent Dees wrote:

>     There are many books at your local Health Food Store that address the
> issue of parasites. 

I have yet to see a book on parasites at a health food store that was not
full of half-truths, bad information, and absolute lies. If you are
interested, go to a nearby university library and check out a textbook on

> you feel that would be beneficial for your situation. If your doctor does
> not agree with this information, go with what you feel is right. Don't take

By all means...why would you bother with the opinion of someone with 8-10
years of university education when you could be following the advice of
someone who has taken the time to read a few pamplets? Don't fall for
these scams, stick to te advice of professionals. The herbal remedy
mentioned is that of Hulda Clark...she 'diagnoses' people with parasites
herself (no corroboration from a physician), sells them her cure, and then
tells them that their parasites are gone. It gets worse...she also does
this with cancer. Those that actually have cancer don't recover, and those
that never had it (until she tells them they do) are frightened into
paying for her cure. If you don't believe it, but her book and read her
'case histories'. If her activities are not criminal, they should be.
Stick to the advice of professionals.

> away your options about your body and your health. A weakened immune system
> is also responsible for allowing parasites to take hold of it's host and a
> building or strengthening of your immune system would also help you to
> finally rid yourself of this parasite. I'm studying in the Natural Health
> Field at this time and questions or comments would be greatly appreciated,

I have a comment...stick to what you know. Unless you plan to spend a few
years researching the requisite information (from primary literature, not
health food brochures) do not offer your advice. You will
(unintentionally or otherwise) lead people away from the help they need..
There is a reason that physicians must be certified...people need to be
able to believe them. That is a HUGE responsibility. If you feel you are
ready for it, go to medical school. If not, keep your diagnoses and
cure-alls to yourself.

Derek Zelmer

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