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Edward Johnson cgi at wt.net
Thu Apr 9 22:32:37 EST 1998

I remember having terrible health problems since somewhere back
around the third or fourth grade of grade school. Lack of energy,
awful skin irritations and itching, sneezing, fits of anger that would
turn on and off like a light switch, sometimes I would say and do things
for which there was not any reasonable explanation for.

The doctors said it was allergies and hyperactivity.

By the seventh grade my skin was flaking off of me like scales from 
a fish. The other children called me fish face.

By age thirty I found myself diagnosed with some sort of psychiatric
disorder. Something about bipolar. You know, mood swings.
Up/down/up/down. I definitely had the mood swings. 
One minute I was so damned happy that dancing on the dinner table
would sound like a good thing to do.

My body would shake so bad that I remember having difficulty carrying
a plate of food from the buffet. I love those oriental buffets.

I also would stay awake as long as 72 hours regularly before sleeping.
(Never,ever did I sleep every night like most people do)
At a minimum I would sleep every other night.

So the doctors said that I was bipolar.

yeah. right.

In the middle of the summer 1992, in Houston texas, I got dressed in a
pair of jeans, a heavy shirt, and a jacket that surely was more that
enough for freezing weather, I got into my cadillac and went to one of
the outdoor sports bars down on richmond to have a few beers. Only when
I got there I was freezing cold and I noticed that most of the other
people were wearing shorts and maybe a t-shirt.  
My body was always cold. 

The doctors all said that there was absolutely no cure for 
my condition and that all they could do was try to medicate me.

In the fall of 1993 I gave up on traditional medicine.
I am sure that I made plenty of mistakes but I do know that
today I do not suffer from many of the above symptoms, I sleep
regularly every night(without any medication).
This is what I did:

You see, somebody suggested that I try a trip to the health food store.
I came home with some vegetables, a juicer, and some vitamins.
the total was just under $1,000.00 
225 for the juicer.
700+/- for the vitamins.

Mostly this was a waste of time.
Dont get me wrong, juicing is very good and vitamins can be very
helpful. But for me this was like putting the pony in front of the

A couple months after I started the vitamins, I was sitting at the juice
bar at whole foods on shepherd drinking probably 20-30 dollars worth of 
juice. How about that wheatgrass- tastes like crap, but they say its
good for me? Some of the other juices were quite tasty though. I
especially like a mix of 2/3 apple and 1/3 celery. yummy.

So here I am at one of houstons more cool spots to get a mug of juice
and I am still sick as a dog. I still have terrible itching for which
I get regular steroid injections which I suspect the side effects will
be worse for me in the long run than to just tolerate the itching. time
will tell. (kenalog)

A quite nice young girl with tattoos working behind the counter looks at
me and says...you know, if you really want to get better why not check
out this book? and she wrote down this book title for me...

     cleanse and purify thyself

I drove around for a couple weeks with this note tucked into my 
car's ashtray. Finally though I went to buy this book and it
made a drastic change in my life. This book talked about internal
cleansing from what I call the in-pipe to the out-pipe.
I went for colonics which are professionally administered enemas.

Out of my body since that day in the fall of 1993 I have extracted these
nasty looking parasites. some are small(only a inch or so in length),
some are up to a foot long or more. I have taken trips to mexico
to try to get medicine to rid my body of the creatures.

It is a little late to try to make a long story short, but,,,

Here is the punch line:

Today i regularly remove parasites from my body.
    (i can show them to you if you like.)
I have tried mebendazole to rid my body of these parasites.
I have tried massive doses of antibiotics. (5-10,000 mg)
I now have a prescription for stromectol, but cant seem to
locate a pharmacy that stocks this item.

I have been turned away by doctors who say:
    a) you do not have insurance.
    b) people do not get parasites in this country.
    c) have you seen a psychiatrist?
       (yes i have, but i still have parasites)

I would like to get rid of this parsite problem completely.

I have been trying for almost five years now to take care of this
problem. If you know of a solution please share it with me now.

Thanks in advance for you help.

Edward Johnson
call anytime.

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