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Benno ter Kuile terkuil at ROCKVAX.ROCKEFELLER.EDU
Wed Apr 8 12:53:32 EST 1998

        Dear David,

                   I would like to draw your attention to the work of Dr.
A.L. Wang; She has done an awful lot on virusses of Giardia. A few

Yu DC, Wang AL and Wang CC
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy,
University of California, San Francisco 94143-0446, USA.
Amplification, expression, and packaging of a foreign gene by giardiavirus
in Giardia lamblia.
Journal of Virology 1996 Dec;70(12):8752-7

TI  - Virus-mediated expression of firefly luciferase in the parasitic
      protozoan Giardia lamblia.
SO  - Molecular & Cellular Biology 1995 Sep;15(9):4867-72

TI  - Sequences at four termini of the giardiavirus double-stranded RNA.
SO  - Gene 1995 May 26;158(1):129-31

TI  - Maturation of giardiavirus capsid protein involves posttranslational
      proteolytic processing by a cysteine protease.
SO  - Journal of Virology 1995 May;69(5):2825-30

TI  - Expression of the giardiavirus putative capsid gene in the
      baculovirus system.
SO  - Experimental Parasitology 1995 Mar;80(2):342-4

TI  - Giardiavirus-resistant Giardia lamblia lacks a virus receptor on the
      cell membrane surface.
SO  - Journal of Virology 1994 Mar;68(3):1426-31

TI  - Giardiavirus double-stranded RNA genome encodes a capsid polypeptide
      and a gag-pol-like fusion protein by a translation frameshift.
SO  - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
      America 1993 Sep 15;90(18):8595-9

TI  - Viruses of the protozoa. [Review] [43 refs]
SO  - Annual Review of Microbiology 1991;45:251-63

TI  - The course of giardiavirus infection in the Giardia lamblia
SO  - Experimental Parasitology 1991 Nov;73(4):413-23

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