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Sat Nov 29 01:53:38 EST 1997

Any help???

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>Greetings in the healing name of Jesus
>This was sent to me and my Wife have and are praying for David 
>Please pass on and PRAY  for him
>Sent to me by Dr. Risma
>Thank you
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>DATE:	11/26/97 10:39 PM
><< David Allen is a young missionary on the Chiang Mai, Thailand,
> mission team.  He is critically ill with an unknown parasite and
> apparently
> will die within two months unless there is an intervention by the Lord.
> =
> Please help create a global blanket of prayer for David, Michelle, and
> their four-month old daughter, Brianna.  We are encouraging everyone we
> know to lift up David and his family before the Lord of lords.
> =
> Please forward this message to those you think will join us in this
> global chain of prayer.
>     {From:  David Allen}
> My condition is quite serious now.  The body is beginning to break
> down because I have no more fat or nutrient reserves.  My diet consists
> mostly of vegetable broth, Gatorade, and saltine crackers.  I tried
> homemade
> bread a few weeks ago, and ended up in the emergency room.  I am in
> constant pain and have to take pain killers regularly.
> =
> The severe diarrhea has continued for 7 weeks and I have been in the
> emergency room five times.  In the last three days there have been
> sharp pains in both of my kidneys, so  they  are now running test to
> if
> my kidneys are infected.  So far, eight doctors have not been able to
> diagnose the parasites.  One lab in Dallas thought they had a positive
> diagnosis (a rare parasite called crypto sporidium), but the Public
> Health Center of Disease Control in Houston said it was an incorrect
> diagnosis.  They have found two foreign agents, but no one has ever
> seen them before or can identify them.  One is a parasite, and the
> looks more like an amoeba.  One of the effects of the parasites is to
> prevent my GI track from absorbing nutrition.
> =
> The CDC in Atlanta is 3-6 months behind, so they cannot help in time.
> doctors are trying everyone else.  They are in contact with one of the
> top infectious disease doctors in Thailand, and several of the experts
> here in the States.  I believe that the pictures of the parasites are
> to be passed around until someone can identify them.
> I am not doing well.  I feel like I am in a very dark valley right
> now. I have been praying for so long for help with no response, that I
> have
> become discouraged in prayer.  This is a first for me in my life.
> Michelle and my parents are being a tremendous support for me, but
> they are having a hard time seeing me suffer so much.  My prayers
> now are
> very elemental: "Father, save me!" But the pain 
>continues each day, and I
> continue to lose  weight.  Please pray not only for my body, but for
> my spirit.  I have not known fear like this before.  I don't want to be
> fearful, and I don't need to be fearful because I am confident of my
> salvation.  I think my fear is related more to the thought of not
> being with my wife and the new baby.  This was the happiest time
> in my life before I became sick.
> David Allen
> Please pass this request on to others!  Thank you in advance!
>May the Lord bless you.
>Bro. Hyatt
 John A. McLand			Ivan's Workshop
 2903 Embassy Row
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