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Killing Spores / Molds / Mildews, etc.

arnold chinn hflib019 at huey.csun.edu
Wed Nov 5 17:42:42 EST 1997

Gary Lum (glum at ozemail.com.au) wrote:
> Joe DUFU Agro wrote:

> > I assume Athlete's foot and jock itch and other "warm, wet" skin
> > problems are caused by parasites such as molds, etc.

> No.  These conditions are usually caused by fungi.  Athletes foot
> usually by dermatophytes and "scrot rot" by yeasts like _Candida_
> species.  While these parasitise us, they are usually termed parasites
> in common microbiological vernacular.

> > Is there a detergent or product (that's frugal" that can be added to a
> > load of wash - color or white - to kill these parasites?

> The best thing you can do is expose the affected/infected areas to air
> to allow them to dry out.  Antifungal preparations may also help.  Of
> course basic hygiene by washing clothes with a good detergent helps.  If
> specific detergents cause allergies these should be avoided.

I believed the original poster wanted to know will just any type of 
detergent, added to the wash load, destroy the fungi...or does one needs a
special detergent. Will bleach added to the wash do the trick?

> > I know...  Somewhat off tpoic, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to
> > ask this besides a frugal newsgroup I use...  I'm still looking though.

> Do you mean frugal or fungal?  There is a fungal newsgroup
> bionet.mycology

> Regards

> Gary

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