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Whip Worm

Birdie birdies at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 2 17:28:45 EST 1997

J-F Magnaval wrote:
> Gary Lum wrote:
> > This all sounds very odd.  Has a fibre optic endoscope been used to
> > examine her bowel lumen.  If it has, did the operator take photographs?

Dunno if they took photo's - lower GI was only done, and they now want  to
do a complete upper and lower endoscopy. Will find out if they took pix or
video. Nothing was  found in the lower GI and they believe they have
either moved up and/or are hiding. They know she has them.

> > What is the status of her immune system?  Have objective tests been
> > performed?  What were the results?

I'm having her go back and collect  and/or check all test results - including 
the sample the CDC got and verified as whip worm, and to find out why
they said it was rare and she was the only case they knew of.

I know she suffers fatigue, but she also works hard. She's had a few
other illnesses.

> I quite agree. Even during heavy infestations, whipworms are very sensitive
> to benzimidazoles. We do not have mebendazole in France, but its derivative
> (fluoromebendazole) is quite efficient. I remember a woman's (a tramp) case
> where large intestine mucosa was not visible due to the presence of a wormy
> "fur" (worms' bodies). She had also a strong microcytic anaemia. She was
> promptly cured by 300 mg of flubendazole once a day for 2 days.

She was given Thiamenthol  - for one. The dosage her MD prescribed
was considered too low by others - I think it was 2 days one week and another 
2 days - two weeks later and that failed. It is also believed that the dosage only 
made them immune.

She is now taking a very harsh (lots of side effects and will cause severe
birth defects if pregnant) which is a Strongylode called Ivermectin, which
is used in France but is new to the US and considered somewhat
experimental in the US. 

She only has a few days left on it - has to take it every 10 hours, and
nobody thinks it is working.

Her MD thought it was pin worm at one point, and she may have both,
but as a result of the confusion and as she has been apparently been given
bad advice and the treatments have failed....

The best I can do is instruct her to back track, collect all test info, and
head off to The Travel Clinic in her city, where the doctors are more 
experienced. In otherwords, confidence has been lost in her MD,
and the CDC will be contacted to clairify their findings and reaction.

Since she has tried and exhausted  the normal route of medication and now 
the most modern, and will have to spend time off all medication, while 
everything done is reviewed and more tests are done, she will be going the 
herbal route.

Namely fresh pineapple and papaya (or in tablet form) to help
break up any obstructions via enzyme action as well as pumpkin

For anyone reading this with parasites, that may be on medication,
please be aware that pineapple has been known for quite a long
time as a detoxifier for the liver, and could have an adverse effect
possibly on the effectiveness medication that is dependent on the
liver to metabolise it.

So, I wouldn't recommend it if you are on medication.

Also, regardless if the established medical community approves
or disapproves (depends on who you speak with and you can fight
amoung yourselves) she will be taking Black Walnut Extract, which
is quite popular as a remedy.

Also, there is a herbal formula called ParAttack, which is sold
as a commerical product and is available in stores and on the web.

Some of you may screech over these remedies, but, they are popular,
people do have good results, and in this case, the other medicines
have failed, so, if you have proof that these remedies are bad or don't
work....please feel free to share the facts, but if you are only going
to promote an opinion based upon arm-chair  beliefs with no clinical
studies to back you up....why bother. There are plenty of people who
use these remedies, doctors that recommend them, pharmacies that
sell them.

My take on all this is that her case has been mismanaged by the
medical community and/or she has a unique case that has been
too challenging and falls outside normal procedure and medication.

Is it a strain that has developed an immunity? Have they moved
up into her upper GI? Are there a combination of parasites at  play
here? Was the dosage too low and they became immune?

I don't feel these questions are outlandish, and back tracking and
collecting all tests and getting to a doctor that deals with parasites
specifically, while also maintaining  therapy to eliminate them is
the best course of action.

And, I feel is the right course of action as opposed to jumping right
in for major hospitalisation and surgery.

A complete review of her case by the most qualified person is in order 
and will be done.

And yes it is disturbing that treatments have failed and surgery is
now recommended....


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