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William Reeder "wmr-60 at xi.netcom.com" at ix.netcom.com
Sat Nov 1 19:58:10 EST 1997

Birdie,  The eggs are microscopic and require a microscope to 
find and identify. How did your friend identify them, does she 
have a microscope? Usually stool is treated with formaldehye, strained 
and concentrated before it is examined under the microscope.  What 
laboratory identified them?  The CDC would certainly not find trichuris 
unusual as it is one of the more common parasitic infections with about 
500 million people infected worldwide.  Also the eggs must mature in 
warm, shaded, damp soil for about three weeks before they are infective. 
An infected person would have to have deficated on the soil to 
contaminate it. She would have to ingest the contaminated soil be become 
infected, on vegetables or on her hands.  The asian worm I mentioned is 
called Capillaria and your friend would have to have been in Asia to 
acquire it.  An infection with this worm should not be difficult to 
diagnose or eliminate. Your story is beginning to sound a bit like a 
"delusionary parasitosis" which is a psychological problem not a medical 

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