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Whip Worm

Omar O. Barriga barriga.2 at osu.edu
Sat Nov 1 14:47:14 EST 1997

>Omar O. Barriga wrote:
>>From all these comments, I doubt very much that your friend has whipworms.
>Yes, but she was diagnosed and verified for them, so, we cannot deny it.
>>Whipworms do not produce any of the symptoms that you describe, 
>Um, abdominal pain and diarrea are the known symptoms I've
>read about and that is the case, also, bloody stool.
>>nobody would dream of reporting a case of whipworm to the DCD, 
>Who is the DCD?
>>the medicines I mentioned area pretty effective, and surgery cannot do 
>anything for whipworms.
>Well, the Doctors are advocating it. I'm not.
>And the CDC should be notified of *any* cases of infectious
>disease. It is their job to monitor them and make recommendations
>to public health officals. This includes parasites.
> >  Birdie, I am an inmigrant who was brought to the USA to teach at American
>> universities, Believe me, I do know that the USA is not the center of
>> information in the world. On the other hand, whipworms are not exotic to the
>> USA at all, and in all those exotic countries their doctors treat the
>> whipworms with the medicines I mentioned.
>But here's the catch....she was told by the CDC that she was the only
>known case in the US and that they really have little experience
>with it.
>I mean, if you can find me a doctor in the US that has successfully
>treated patients here for it, I'd love a referral.
>I realise that the medicines have been used in other countries and
>were developed and tested in them.
>The whip worms in the US must be a different strain of them. Shouldn't
>animals, mostly dogs be having a problem with them? Tape worm, Round
>worm, Heart worm.....I mean, dogs get them ALL and why do we never
>then hear about the whip worm?
>> Birdie, I hope that you realize that you are relying on anecdotal
>> or "faith" information. Which is that "proven herbal remedy" and how was it
>> proved? On my part, I trust medicines whose action has been verified by a
>> scientific method.
>The herbal remedy I am looking at is sold at Pharmacies.
>I also trust that viruses and parasites can and do become immune to
>western modern medicines and so....
>Then what? Then what?
>In this case the question is Now What?
>Those very medicines did not work.
>So, this is the reason for my posting...
>Now what?
>> Finally, if you already made your mind regarding the use of this
>> "parallel medicine," why did you ask for help?
>No, the little critters made up their minds that the medicine you advocate
>isnt going to eliminate them.
>I need some better  and different solutions.
>Get it?


Sorry, Birdie. You don't need advice but an audience for your weir and 
unfounded  theories. You alredy got it so you don't need me.
	Signing off!
			Omar O. Barriga, DVM, PhD  

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