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Andrew Fell ahfell at netmatters.co.uk
Mon May 19 11:03:12 EST 1997

StarCharts wrote:

> People who take this parasite cleansing system have expelled many
> various types of parasites.  
These presumably are the parasites which could not be detected by any
other means.

What if parasites are the cause of all
> cancers?  
What do doctors do when they find a tumour? Usually cut a bit out and
put it under a microscope to make a full diagnosis. Do they find worms
in the middle? No.

What if by taking these products you could actually heal
> yourself and never have to go to a doctor again.  Doctors are in
> conspiracy with the drug companies to keep people sick because drugs are
> big business.  If something as simple as an herbal formula can cleanse
> your body of disease causing agents why not try it?  
Interesting that the countries with best access to doctors and modern
medicine have the longest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality.
These products
> certainly cannot hurt.  
Well taking non-toxic preparations for non-existent ailments probably
won't hurt you. 

Of course the medical community would be against
> it.  They will lose business and because they spent so much time and
> money on their professions they feel it is the masses duty to repay them
> with their health.  
How come nobody ever applies this reasoning to naturopaths, homeopaths,
aromatherapists and the rest?

Andy Fell

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