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derek a. zelmer zelmeda4 at WFU.EDU
Mon May 19 15:34:52 EST 1997

On Sat, 17 May 1997, StarCharts wrote:

Ordinarily I would not dignify this with a response, as I feel there is
no-one lower than someone who would take advantage of another persons
illness and despair. However, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, as
it may be the case that you are yourself being duped. Please take the time
to look at the follwing questions, which will tell you why I do not
believe what you are peddling. If you do not take the time to answer me,
please take the time to answer them for yourself.

> People who take this parasite cleansing system have expelled many 
> various types of parasites.  

What parasites specifically? If you don't know the names, what are the
general groups? Can you even tell me if they are protozoan or metazoan?

> What if parasites are the cause of all cancers?  

Very few parasite have been shown to cause cancer, and these in specific
organs. The majority of people in South America, Africa and parts of Asia
are all heavily parasitized. SO (as was pointed out earlier in this
group) why are their cancer rates not higherthan those of North America? That 
would be logical wouldn't it? I just don't find it surprising that the cancer 
rates are highest in industrial nations that have been producing
environmental nasties in incredible amounts over the last century.

> What if by taking these products you could actually heal 
> yourself and never have to go to a doctor again.  

First off, I haven't been to a doctor in about a decade. But, if I got
sick, that would be where I would go. I know the education that doctors
have. It is a standardized education. Anyone can start selling herbal
medicines...not everyone can become a doctor. What are your credentials?
If your child were to get sick, who would you take them to? I'm guessing
you would NOT put your money where your mouth is. All herbal cures are
general cures for general problems because herbalists do not
know the specifics.

> Doctors are in conspiracy with the drug companies to keep people sick 
> because drugs are big business. 

Do you expect me to believe that the people in charge of the drug
companies are not as business wise as you folks? You expect to make a
fortune by getting people to believe that if they buy your product they
will not get cancer. How would sitting on a cure for cancer help the drug
companies? You obviously believe that your product will sell, so why do
you not think there would be a market for a legitimate cure?

> If something as simple as an herbal formula can cleanse
> your body of disease causing agents why not try it?  These products
> certainly cannot hurt.  

But they can. Psychologically they give people false hope, and rob them of
much needed funds. Physiologically, there are no restrictions on what can
be mixed and matched in herbal cures, creating the potential for dangerous
cross reactions and hypersensitivity.

> Of course the medical community would be against
> it.  They will lose business and because they spent so much time and
> money on their professions they feel it is the masses duty to repay them
> with their health.

How long do you think an auto mechanic would stay in business if he kept
your car running badly so you would keep coming in? Hard for doctors to
get repeat business from dead patients. I would be careful about
questioning the motives of someone who dedicates 7 years of their life to
learning about the human body, and the rest of their life trying to repair
it, when you yourself have taken the fast track to the health industry by
reading a few pamphlets and pushing a bogus product.

> Give the herbs a try and prove to yourself.

Send me a sample and I'll test them out on the parasites I work on.

I apologize to the group for wasting bandwith on these folks, but I'm
hoping a little common sense might put an end to this nonsense.

Derek Zelmer 

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