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Strongyles and my silly SIG (fwd)

Richard Speare Richard.Speare at jcu.edu.au
Thu May 15 16:12:57 EST 1997

On 14 May 1997, August Pamplona wrote:

> 	Some people have a bit of personal wisdom on their signature file. I do
> not since perhaps I am not so wise.
> 	Some people have interesting quotes. I do not since there's so much to
> choose from that I cannot make up my mind.
> 	I instead have had the little bit of nonsense below for quite a while. It
> has occurred to me that it may not be accurate. If it isn't I probably
> won't remove it or change it (call it poetic license) but I'd still like to
> know.

> Second (actually a subset of the first question), is it correct to call
> members of the order Rhabditida (such as Strongyloides stercolaris)
> strongyles? I assume Strongyloides means strongyle like implying that they
> are not strongyles; but, for some reason (perhaps their similar life
> cycles), when I wrote my signature I was under the mistaken impression that
> genii Necatur, Ancylostoma and Strongyloides fit into the same category.

> -- 
> //-----------------------------------------------------------------------\\
> // Intestinal nematode version of the Law of the Jungle:                 \\
> // Outside the host only the Strongyle survive.                          \\
> //       August Pamplona                                                 \\
> //                    necatoramericanusancylostomaduodenale at poboxes.com  \\
> // email replace 'necatoramericanusancylostomaduodenale' with 'cosmicaug'\\
> //-----------------------------------------------------------------------\\

Strongyloides are in the family Strongyloididae of the order Rhabdita, and
are not strongyles.  What a pity since it makes your bizarre signature
inaccurate!  To make your signature even less valid, I think hookworms are
now more comfortably being placed with the trichostrongyles, rather than
the strongyles. But this may be heresy, and better confirmed by a more
astute taxonomist. 


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