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August Pamplona necatoramericanusancylostomaduodenale at poboxes.com
Wed May 14 17:59:25 EST 1997

Steve J. Upton <coccidia at ksu.edu> wrote in article
<3377837C.1C53 at ksu.edu>...
> I appreciate receiving additional documentation of parasites and
> cancer.  There appears to be about 6 species correlated with cancer,
> although only a few in humans.  I'll incorporate the input in my class
> next year. I also appreciate receiving the reference from Robin
> McFarlane for Int. J. Parasitol. 26, 1151-1168, 1996 on nutrition in
> ruminants and how the animals can withstand nematode infections.
> As an update to my earlier message, I received a fecal sample from the
> individual that originally prompted my message on parasites, diet, and
> cancer.  This person lives here in Kansas and (according to her story)
> was diagnosed, based on fecal smears from a hospital, with
> Cryptosporidium, Blastocystis, and Entamoeba histolytica.  Her
> intestinal problems resulted in removal of a portion of her intestine,
> although the exact cause of her intestinal problems was never totally
> resolved (at least she didn't know anything).  Because she still has
> intestinal distress (I wonder why), she recently went to someone who
> performed a "muscle test" and she received an additional diagnosis of
> Clonorchis sinensis, Schistosoma mansoni, Vampirolepis nana, Taenia sp.,
> Strongyloides, hookworm, and Diphyllobothrium latum. She also received a
> prescription for one of the expensive herbal treatments. I think she
> could get rich selling her feces to Wards for microscope slides. 
> I found absolutely no parasite ova, cysts, oocysts, trophozoites, or
> larvae in her feces, and I performed extensive wet mounts and
> flotations; just a few Candida spores and some strange looking plant
> debris. I decided it would probably be futile to perform a
> sedimentation.  I don't know if she has ever been out of the country,
> although I wrote her a letter telling her what I found and asking her if
> she has traveled anywhere.
> It's too bad that we have a whole series of people getting rich off of
> the woes and hopes of others.
	It almost sounds like you believe this person has been victimized by some
quack who made up these diagnosis in order to sell the expensive herbal
treatments --how very cynical of you to think that. A more obvious
conclusion would be that this "muscle testing" is much more sensitive than
any of your crude methods :-) (of course the smiley is to show that the
preceding is not to be taken seriously --this is specially so if muscle
testing is what I think it is).
	More seriously, I get the (possibly wrong) impression that in some so
called "alternative medicine" (1) circles there's a growing fad of blaming
all ills on this vague entity known as parasites (sometimes lung and liver
flukes getting special mention).
	As a concrete example of this, I've found on the web a MLM scheme peddling
an expensive herbal treatment to rid oneself of parasites that, according
to them, should be taken by everyone god knows how many times a year (2).
marketing is similar to another MLM on the web that peddles Dr. Wallach's
colloidal minerals in that, like them, they also have a free audio tape and
downloadable audio to use as a scare tactic (perhaps it's some kind of
marketing formula for the selling of alternative medicine products). The
audio is a mixture of truths, distortions and misrepresentations of truths,
and outright lies (with emphasis on the misrepresentations since the most
effective lies have truth in them) designed to scare the target audience
(which I assume to be mainly North American) into believing parasites are
responsible for most of their maladies and only Dr. Ross Anderson's (3)
herbal panacea like formulas will restore their health. As an aside in this
pointless posting, I was amused (4) to find at http://bodypure.com/ (it may
also be on other sites) an animated gif with the caption "Is this living
inside of you?!" and the alt description "Disgusting Hystolytica!" which
one might assume refers to Entamoeba histolytica except for the fact that
it happens to have a band of cilia which would undoubtedly make it look
truly disgusting to other fellow E. histolyticas (in fact the file name is
cilia.gif). I do not know what that cilliated protozoa in the picture is,
but since it isn't Balantidium coli (correct me if I'm wrong) my guess
would be that I should not worry too much about whether it is living inside
of me.

Apologies if this Dr. Ross Anderson lecture etc. has been brought to the
attention of this group already or if it is not appropriate subject matter.
I have not been lurking too long or consistently.

August Pamplona

(1) As Coffe Talk's Linda Richman would say:"I'm feeling a little
verklempt. Speak amongst yourselves. Topic: alternative medicine is neither
medicine nor an alternative". O.K. so I'm not being that serious.
(2) To find examples on the web have a search engine look for: "Ross
Anderson" AND parasites.
(3) Have no idea if he's a medical doctor, some other kind of doctor or if
it's just something he calls himself.
(4) Sometimes, I amuse easily.

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