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Brucellosis, undulant fever, help!? 2nd part -Reply

Wed Mar 26 22:39:01 EST 1997

Hi all:

Am enjoying learning about Brucellosis.  However need to defend and or correct some
misconceptions about undercooked pork.  

First, Trichinosis is caused by Trichinella sp., the most common species being spiralis.  It is a
roundworm, not a protozoan.  Other parasites that you might pick up from undercooked pork
include Toxoplasma gondii (a protozoan whose definitive host is the cat, but almost every other
species seems to be capable of becoming infected with a transmissible form), and the pork
tapeworm, Taenia solium.   This later is the etiological agent of cysticercosis and in its neurological
form, can be deadly.  Then of course there is Sarcocystis suihominis which is closely related to
Toxoplasma and which causes a myositis (inflammation of the muscle where the parasites encyst.

Keep up the discourse on Brucellosis.  With the flare up both bacteriological and ecological in the
Yellowstone Park area, this discussion is both timely, and highly appropriate.

Steve Kayes

Stephen G. Kayes, Ph.D                           Ofc: (334)  460-6768
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University of South Alabama College of Medicine
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>>> The Hitchcocks <hitchcws at phoenix.net> 3/26/97  11:51 am >>>
2nd part of transferred article for Ralph, by Teresa

> Charlie <robin at mailbag.com> wrote:
> >On 24 Mar 1997 03:43:33 GMT, gcouger at tacoma.ceatlabs.okstate.edu
> >(COUGER GORDON) wrote:
> >
> >One can also contact Brucella suis from eating undercooked pork and
> >milk that is not properly pasteurized which is rare in this day and
> >age.
> >
> I forgot about unpasturized milk. It was the main vector for undulant
> fever.
> Are your sure about getting Brucella suis from under cooked pork? I
> was under the impression the only problem with undercooked pork was
> getting tricnosis(sp) a protozoan disease.
> Gordon
> >Charlie
> Gordon Couger W5RED
> 624 Cheyenne
> Stillwater, OK 74075
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