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>Subject: Tapeworms
>Date: 5 Mar 1997 04:34:42 GMT
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>I would like to know about any potential application there is of
>beneficial impact of tapeworms on humans, or for that matter, any other
>animals.  Can they help me diet?  Is there any documented evidence or
>information on any sort of symbiotic relationship between tapeworms and
>humans, or any other animal.  They clear the gut... the intestines, right?  
>What precisely do they eat?  I would be gratified if someone truly
>knowledgeable on the subject could make some comments.  

>Presumably if they live from one host to the next, one of the host animal
>they live in must not be considerably disadvantaged by this...

Dear Mike:
	I have been dealing with parasites of humans and domestic animals for
some 35 years and I cannot tell you of any benefit that tapeworms represent 
for either of them. Although they are little (if at all) pathogenic, about
a third of the pacients do complaint about some unplesant signs or symptoms.

I do not know from where you got that they clear the gut (or, for that matter,
that the gut needs clearing at all). I do not know what you mean for this or 
have ever heard of it. 
I do not know what you mean for "one of the host not being disadvantage by 
this."  The AIDS virus does pass from one host to the other and the host is
considerably "disadvantaged" by it.

			Omar O. Barriga

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