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Moderation of this group

James Mahaffy mahaffy at dordt.edu
Thu Jul 10 12:02:19 EST 1997


> I agree with Omar.
> bionet.protista and bionet.molbio.evolution just went this route for the
> same reason (see my previous post here).
> If this newsgroup is going to remain a useful forum and an educational
> tool of any value to K-12, we will have to moderate out the hard-core
> porn postings and the I've-got-something-for-you spams.  

An Amen to Omar, Mark, and Graham.  Most of my junk mail comes from
e-mail posted to this group (I read my posts to this group via an 
e-mail connection). And actually somewhere in bionet about half
the mail junk mail never reaches the newsreader. 

But folks lets do this in a way that still retains the main advantage of
a non moderated group, which is the quickness of response.  In today's
age of mail filters there is no reason why incoming post from bionet to
the moderator can not be sent to a secretary, who can eliminate all the
get rich and x rated off topic posts, usually just by the header and
send them on within the hour. . If a
problem develops that requires more careful looking one can always then
have the parasitologist screen the post.  I suspect a good filter can
even dump material from spamming addresses and save even more time. 

To get this rolling someone should contact the moderators and have them
post asking for a response to the moderation question.  They then can go
to the bionet folks who will be happy to set it up.  they do NOT have to
be the moderators (but they have to contact bionet).  Further details on
the process can be found at url: http://www.bio.net/

btw I am one example of how this group has helps folks whose area is not
in parasitology.  Several times I have been able to answer questions on
areas of parasitology with the help of this group. I think an answer (by
Mark?) on leeches transmitting parasites to man is a classic that I use
every year in Zoology.  I also have a recent graduate who is right now 
working on a paper, that
could not have been done without the help of Graham C. on some blood
parasites in some local raccoons. 

James F. Mahaffy                   e-mail: mahaffy at dordt.edu
Biology Department                 phone: 712 722-6279
Dordt College                      FAX 712 722-1198
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