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Nematodes immune to anthelm. ? -Reply

Tue Jan 21 22:22:17 EST 1997


Good Question, difficult to answer.  I don=27t know what your background =
is and how much molecular genetics and or evolution you have at your =
command so I am not sure on what level to answer your question.   I =
suspect though, that the answer is extremely complex in that it involves =
multiple factors.  Worms can evolve under the selective pressure of the =
anthelminthic drug of choice for the particular infection.  Likewise, =
people, especially farmers, for example, often abuse antehelminthics by =
giving them on the assumption that all farm animals are infected when in =
fact, they not be.  The animal learns to detoxify the drug more effectively=
 and less and less might be available to treat the parasite when it =
actually comes along.  Lastly, there is gene known as the multiple drug =
resistance gene which is actually a sort of cellular pump, that when it =
becomes established in a population serves to pump toxic drugs out of =
cells before the drug concentration can build up to toxic levels in the =
parasite (or cancer cells or bacteria).  All of these things contribute to =
answering your question. =20

Tell me a little more about what motivated you to ask the question and if =
it is in reference to any particular parasite, and maybe I can tailor my =
answer to be more specific. =20

Steve Kayes

Stephen G. Kayes, Ph.D                          Ofc: (334) 460-6768
Professor                                                   FAX: (334) =
Structural and Cellular Biology; 2042 MSB
University of South Alabama College of Medicine
Mobile, AL  36688-0002            =20

E-mail: kayes=40sungcg.usouthal.edu
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>>> Paul <100526.3050=40CompuServe.COM> 1/21/97  6:33 pm >>>
Can anyone tell me why nematodes are becoming immune to=20
anthelminphic drugs ?


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