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worm around jugular

Dan Holdsworth drh92 at aber.ac.uk
Sat Jan 4 11:14:02 EST 1997

In article <5akb0o$eif at boursy.news.erols.com>, medusa at pop.erols.com
(claire ) writes:
:Ok.....A little bit of an update and correct....
:first the gentleman was diagnosed by an allopathic dr. and also has
:hodgkins.  During a procedure in which they explored one of the
:nodes they found a parasite. 

How did they find this parasite, and how did they KNOW it was a parasite, 
and not a lymphoma, or similar growth of host tissue?

Secondly, if you see a parasite in a lymph node, then the easiest course of
action is to anaesthetize the patient, and cut the thing out. That way you 
remove the problem, and more importantly, you get hold of the parasite that
was causing the problem. Once you know what the thing IS, only then can you
target a treatment onto it.

:  Apparently the gentleman is avoiding
:mainstream dr. due to the difficult time he had during this procedure.

More fool him. Fringe medicine is usually ineffective compared to mainstream
medicine; if the "fringe" cures were shown to be effective (ref. to maggot
therapies) then the mainstream practicioners will use them. If not, then 
they won't. Homeopathy is generally ignored for this reason, and also 
because of the Beveniste fiasco (ref. Nature).

:And I must correct myself in the use of the word homeopathy....
:I *should* have said herbal medicines.... 

Yes, there IS a world of difference between supposed surpression of 
symptoms using effectively pure distilled water, and using active 
chemicals. Nice of you to mention it...
:Whether one agreees with alternative medicines or no tis not the
:subject at issur ehere but rather the curiosity of what "modern"
:mainstream drs would do.... if they gave medication then how does the
:parasite of this size extracate itself from its current position? One
:presumes it just doesn't flush away with the flow of the blood...

My advice is simple. Stop fooling around with this; get the man to a 
qualified medical practicioner and find out what this purported parasite
is, and how it may be destroyed. Without qualified medical advice, you are
effectively in the dark.

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