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Antique Books

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Sat Feb 15 13:06:59 EST 1997

                         ~~~MARGIE'S RARE BOOKS~~~





** How Parasites Are Transmitted By the US Dept. of Agriculture.
Discover how parasites are transmitted to humans, incubation, etc.. in
simple layman language and what they really look like. Year 1905. All
kinds of very-very little know information about parasites, very few
people think or know about. You will be surprised to find out how much
down to earth parasite inf. is on this CD, all antique inf. too.
Haven't found anything better yet! Lots of graphics! 

** The Cottage Physician (649 pages) By George M. Post, MD., year
1900. A doctor book sold to the home  back in the 1800's,  like the
book called Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss is available today for the
home.  Lots and lots of simple easy to understand research
information. This antique book is very rare and sought after by people
that know what this book is all about. This is why we included it on
this CD-ROM. You will be very-very surprised with the plant
information this book contains, and be glad you have it. This book
alone is worth getting the CD. 

** Goulds Medical Dictionary By George Gould MD. We tried to document
every plant in this volume as hyper-linked bookmarks. It got so
massive, we had to give up. It's all alphabetical anyway. Over 500
pages of easy to find medical information from the year 1890. Combined
with the Cottage Physician and it is worth it's weight in gold,
period. We found this volume one time back in the sixties (luckily we
bought it then) and have not seen it since. This dictionary was bought
up a long time ago. They only made so many of them, and with today's
population, it is  completely out of reach today. We refer to this
volume all the time, you will too. You will be glad to have it.

** Materia Medica By Sam Potter MD. About all kinds of historical
prescriptions using the medicinal plants in all kinds of ways that are
described for medicine. Excellent plant medicine reference. Year 1894,
255 pages. Combined with the two volumes above, WOW!

** Two Antique herbals to find little known medical information about
plants. This information just didn't exist anymore until now. A ton of
plants individually listed and an excellent write-up about each. The
bookmarks make it easier than ever to get right to the information.
More information yet!

**A Very unusual and very rare year 1839 Botany Herbals by Catherine
Waterman. Also contains ancient poetry by many other famous poetry
authors with each plant. They are all bookmarks. Click on an icon and
it takes you right to the page. 247 pages of plants-plants-plants. 

** How Plants Grow (Botany Book) By ASA Gray MD, year 1858 with over
500 illustrations that can be utilized using the cut and paste option
of the Acrobat Reader software for clip art no one has seen for over a
hundred years (250 pages) crammed with plant information. Also Read
the file about the history of botany from its very beginnings. The
best write-up about the history of Botany I have ever seen, and it is
antique information! They did a better job then.

** Book of Trees By Austin C. Apgar. Ton of Botany illustrations and
inf. that can be utilized in desktop publishing applications using the
Acrobat Reader's abilities. 224 pages of botany information from the
year 1892 that can be used as an identification guide to tree if you
want. Just print and rebind back into a book using Adobe's Acrobat
Reader's abilities. It's great to have on hand for all kinds of tree

** Home Nursing - Lots of illustrations and advice, techniques, etc.,
from simpler times how nursing was done from the home, easy to
understand too. Year 1902. EXCELLENT TIPS!

** Health book. Discover the incredible value of fruits, vegetables,
grains, etc., for what ails you and others and much-much more! The
guide to selecting fruits and vegetables at the produce section alone
will pay the cost of this CD-ROM in savings thousands of times over.
Do you know what to look for in fruits and vegetables in the produce
section? Do you know how to wash your produce using common kitchen
stuff everyone has? It's easy once you know! The second part of this
book will easily show you how for each fruit and vegetable. You don't
have to grab your produce at random anymore. 

** A very complete, easy to understand home winemaking book. All the
information you will ever need to make your own wines at home, using
ordinary stuff around the house. We also included a bunch of
winemaking clip art (antique), a very easy to build wine rack and wine
press design (10 ton). Also easy to understand  laws of today the home
winemaker' is required to know by the U.S. Government before making
one drop of wine, and the quantities, etc., for each household, etc..
Both modern and antique winemaking recipes weights and measures,
conversions, etc., too. If you are a amateur winemaker' or know of
someone that plans to make their own wines, this book  is an excellent

** Washington House Seed Catalogue from the year 1915. Interesting to
see how a popular seed catalogue from yesteryear looks like; from
Washington Iowa. Ton of  plant illustrations that can be utilized
using the Acrobat Readers cut and paste option for the plant clip art
it has to offer too.  

** There is a thousands of very-very rare Antique Plant Clip Art.
Woodcuts and engravings that have not been in circulation for a
hundred years. Finally there is a CD of high quality black and white
line art available now and they are antique too. Some of these images
have not been seen for a couple hundred years or more! There is some
very-very rare antique high quality color plates that are impossible
to get anymore too. Great for desktop publishing for the Botanist,
Biologist, Herbalist, Physicians, Agriculturist, Nutritionist, Desktop
Publisher, Students, Etc.. . We gleaned every page of our entire
collection of antique copyright free books to get all these antique
plant illustrations back into circulation again. This alone took us a
year. Scanning and getting them on CD-ROM took us another year. Many
of these rare engravings go back to the year 1700's. Below each image
is the common plant name and below that is the scientific name for
easy identification, all (TIF) so they can be used with no problem.
"They will wonder where you found these quality images". We have
exhausted our entire collection of antique books gleaning plant clip
art to be able to offer all them on this one single CD-ROM. We used up
the rest of the available space with antique books. The plant clip art
is finished and we will not be adding to the plant collection any
further. It is finished. Try to find a collection of plant clip art
anywhere else.

This is a very-very rare opportunity we spent years creating
ourselves. We are surprised some people want to pass this up! To go
out and buy these volumes is a real expensive alternative, even if the
volumes can be found today, and I seriously doubt if many of them can
be found!

Every yellowed age damaged page of each volumes is actually a digital
picture of each page, then each page has been inspected then converted
into the Acrobat PDF file, then stacked on top of each other so each
page turned is in order, then bookmarks using Adobe's incredible
software. All these books have been scanned at 1200 dpi so they are
high quality images of each page just like they were then. This way
they are AUTHENTIC, they look and feel just like they did then as each
page is turned.  These volumes can be printed and re-bound again too.
We only use the best CD-ROM blanks and the best CD-ROM writer (Hewlett
Packard). Both IBM compatibles and Mac's CD-ROM readers will read the
data without any problems. Actually, any computer with a CD-ROM reader
will work just fine. You will need to have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader
software for your type of computer. The software is available for
immediate download at no charge from Adobe's web site. It can take
awhile to download, many do this at night when the phone lines are
available. Their web address is; 

Only $25.00 in U.S. funds, we pay the postage and handling to mail it
back to you;
Margie Krick
2425 Chicago Avenue
Box 66
Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048

Thank you very-very much for your time and help preserving this
research information for all time. Since this CD-ROM is completely
finished and full, we are working hard to fill another CD-ROM. We are
working on Antique cookbooks, more medical books, vet books, various
other clip art, etc..

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