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scabies like symptoms

Mike McNally mmcnally at mci2000.com
Thu Dec 4 01:13:27 EST 1997

I have been going through boughts of itching which seems to corelate
with visiting the neighbors.  Itching and dry skin.  The neighbors also
have had this itching.  For the adults it went away for their 4 yr old
it didn't.  

This little girl was taken to a dr when the itching caused a "mutitude
of ity bity, red dot like, pimples" on her belly.  Her doc said it was a
rash use skin cream.

My doc says it's an allergy, use benedryl.  I think it's scabies or the
poultry mite or allergies caused by fungus.  The neighbors are dirty
(bad apt in a good neiborhood).  There living rm floor is filthy from
food stains left in the carpet.  This creates a microbiologically rich
environment which could be the root of this problem.  Or maybe it's the
mangy outdoor cat that the neighborhood kids play with.

I can find no itch mite tunnels.  When the itching gets extreme I have
little pimples like the kid next door, but just a few.  A couple people
next door think the kids rash/ pimples/itch is from rolling around on
the dirty carpet.  The furnace is in their apt and sucks the air, it
sends out to others, from their apt..  On the last increase in itching I
noticed that the duct tape I have over the heating vents (burnt dust
blowing heater - so I just taped it up) was coming off.  Maybe air is
the connection.  But I sure seem to get an increase in itching since
they came over yesterday, and they didn't even sit down.  Actually
evertime I've been around them for the last mo I've had an increase in

I know the solution - move.  But I would really like to understand the
cause or probably causes.  Thanks in advance.

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