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Mon Dec 1 10:16:01 EST 1997

Parasitic infections should be easy to diagnose, and they are seldom lethal.
Perhaps the most serious worry is Entamoeba histolytica, a parasitic amoeba;
this is easily cured using several drugs, if it has not spread extensively
outside of the gut.  If the doctors said that malabsorption was a problem,
this sounds like it could also be Giardia lamblia, a flagellate that is the
most common gut parasite; this parasite usually causes diarrhea and
self-resolves for people with good immunity; and it is also easily cured by
readily available drugs.  I urge the patient to consult with his physician
and to find a lab skilled in parasite diagnosis and aware of suitable drugs.
Saltines and Gatoraid are not the usual prescriptions for serious infectious
diseases, although the latter will help with fluid loss, often the main
concern.  Some suggestive work in animals also indicates that high-fiber
diets also help symptoms a bit, but drugs work for sure.

Gerald McLaughlin, Ph.D.
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>Any help???
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>>Greetings in the healing name of Jesus
>>This was sent to me and my Wife have and are praying for David 
>>Please pass on and PRAY  for him
>>Sent to me by Dr. Risma
>>Thank you
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>>DATE:	11/26/97 10:39 PM
>><< David Allen is a young missionary on the Chiang Mai, Thailand,
>> mission team.  He is critically ill with an unknown parasite and
>> apparently
>> will die within two months unless there is an intervention by the Lord.
>> =
>> Please help create a global blanket of prayer for David, Michelle, and
>> their four-month old daughter, Brianna.  We are encouraging everyone we
>> know to lift up David and his family before the Lord of lords.
>> =
>> Please forward this message to those you think will join us in this
>> global chain of prayer.
>>     {From:  David Allen}
>> My condition is quite serious now.  The body is beginning to break
>> down because I have no more fat or nutrient reserves.  My diet consists
>> mostly of vegetable broth, Gatorade, and saltine crackers.  I tried
>> homemade
>> bread a few weeks ago, and ended up in the emergency room.  I am in
>> constant pain and have to take pain killers regularly.
>> =
>> The severe diarrhea has continued for 7 weeks and I have been in the
>> emergency room five times.  In the last three days there have been
>> sharp pains in both of my kidneys, so  they  are now running test to
>> if
>> my kidneys are infected.  So far, eight doctors have not been able to
>> diagnose the parasites.  One lab in Dallas thought they had a positive
>> diagnosis (a rare parasite called crypto sporidium), but the Public
>> Health Center of Disease Control in Houston said it was an incorrect
>> diagnosis.  They have found two foreign agents, but no one has ever
>> seen them before or can identify them.  One is a parasite, and the
>> looks more like an amoeba.  One of the effects of the parasites is to
>> prevent my GI track from absorbing nutrition.
>> =
>> The CDC in Atlanta is 3-6 months behind, so they cannot help in time.
>> doctors are trying everyone else.  They are in contact with one of the
>> top infectious disease doctors in Thailand, and several of the experts
>> here in the States.  I believe that the pictures of the parasites are
>> to be passed around until someone can identify them.
>> I am not doing well.  I feel like I am in a very dark valley right
>> now. I have been praying for so long for help with no response, that I
>> have
>> become discouraged in prayer.  This is a first for me in my life.
>> Michelle and my parents are being a tremendous support for me, but
>> they are having a hard time seeing me suffer so much.  My prayers
>> now are
>> very elemental: "Father, save me!" But the pain 
>>continues each day, and I
>> continue to lose  weight.  Please pray not only for my body, but for
>> my spirit.  I have not known fear like this before.  I don't want to be
>> fearful, and I don't need to be fearful because I am confident of my
>> salvation.  I think my fear is related more to the thought of not
>> being with my wife and the new baby.  This was the happiest time
>> in my life before I became sick.
>> David Allen
>> Please pass this request on to others!  Thank you in advance!
>>May the Lord bless you.
>>Bro. Hyatt
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