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looking for parasites of marine inverts

A. Kimo Morris morrisk at bcc.orst.edu
Thu Apr 10 18:23:39 EST 1997

Mark Rigby wrote:
> Care to qualify that statement?  What KIND of amphipods?  Exclusively
> marine amphipods or intertidal amphipods?  Intertidal amphipods, and
> freshwater, have been studied for their parasites, but not marine, as
> far as I know.

The only marine amphipod-parasite system I know of deals with the 
dioecious parasitic beastie _Kronborgia_amphipodicola_ (Turbellaria, 
Neorhabdocoela).  These worms parasitize _Ampelisca_sp._ and 
_Haploops_sp._ amphipods.  The cool thing is, these worms exhibit a life 
strategy identical to classic parasitoids, i.e. they are (1) parasitic 
as juveniles, (2) free-living as adults, (3) host death is obligatory 
for completion of the life-cycle, and (4) pathology is NOT intensity 
dependent.  In fact, some have argued they should therefore be called 

Check this out:
Christensen, A.M., and B. Kanneworff, 1965, "Life history and biology of 
_Kronborgia_amphipodicola_ Christensen & Kanneworff (Turbellaria, 
Neorhabdocoela), _Ophelia_ 2(2): 237-252.

-- Kimo

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