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Tue Oct 29 18:59:59 EST 1996


You are not the first person who has come in contact with this person(s) and
their tapes, websites, tabloid health claims.  While you have no reason to
believe anything that I might say, you should be able to go to any medical
school library in your area, ask a biomedical librarian to help you find some of
the scientific reports documenting these MASSIVE, UNDER_REPORTED,
PARASITIC INFECTIONS.  I suspect that you will find none.  There are two
reasons for this.  First, if that many people were really  sick with parasitic
infections, they would have been diagnosed and most likely the finding of
many other "such patients" would quickly be reported to the Centers for
Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  Second reason you won't find any
scientific studies is that people in the food supplement industry have no
science to back up their claims.  They tend to take odds and ends from other
people's scientific studies, and twist the various facts to justify their own
beliefs.  However, they really only want to sell you their herbal remedy and I
suggest that you check out Consumer's Report (within the last year, I believe,
although I don't have the citation at hand) that found that there are no
standards within this industry.  Thus, a 5 mg pill from one company may have
only 1% active ingredient and a similar pill from another manufacturer may
have 25% activity.  Worse yet, some companies may not have the same amount
of active ingredient from one batch to the next.  This comes in part from the
fact that many of the active ingredients are not quantifiable to any standard. 
The FDA (Food & Drug Administration)  wants to look into the practices of this
underside of """medicine'''' but as you can imagine, the industry lobbies very
heavily to block the development of legislation to expand the FDAs powers.  

Bottom line, few Americans are infected with intestinal parasites.  Remember
the population of the US is over 250 million and if only 25,000 Americans were
currently parasitized (which very well may be the case), this would amount to
way less than 0.1% of the population (actually would amount to 1 person per
every 10,000) which is hardly epidemic proportions of the total population.

Good Luck

Steve Kayes

Stephen G. Kayes, Ph.D                          Ofc: (334) 460-6768
Professor                                                   FAX: (334) 460-6771
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University of South Alabama College of Medicine
Mobile, AL  36688-0002             

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I have been speaking to a doctor, who cites certain studies that indicate that a
significant portion of the population of North American is infested with one or
more variety of parasites.  I have listened to a tape quoting various doctors
that say this is so.  The problem I have is that the doctors involved have an
interest in selling a herbal remedy that allegedly cleans out parasites from a
person's system.  Has anybody heard of such a thing?  For all I know, it's all on
the level and their stuff works wonders.  On the other hand, it never hurts to

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