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Parasitology Resources

Omar O. Barriga oobarrig at pop.service.ohio-state.edu
Tue Oct 8 01:22:53 EST 1996

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>David W. Bradley, Ph.D. wrote:
>> Can any one recommend a good introductory text or internet resource for
>> parasitology?  I'm mainly interested in clinical or medical aspects of
>> parasitology.  Thanks in advance for your help.
>> --
>> David Bradley
>> provider at netaxs.com

I would start with Neva, F.A. and Brown, H.W. 1994. Basic Clinical 
Parasitology. 6th ed. Appletton & Lange, 25 Van Zant Street, East Norwalk, 
Connecticut. About US$ 35. It is brief, modern, and to the point.
			Good luck
					Omar O. Barriga

>> http://www.journalclub.com/

>        Text:

>        Fundamentals (1)- Foundations of Parasitology.  Schmidt & 
>Roberts (Roberts & Janovy new eds.)
>        Clinical (2) - Diagnostic Medical Parasitology. Garcia, L. &    
>Bruckner, D. 
>                     - Parasites: A Guide ... Ash, L. & Orihel, T.

>        Web Page - American Society of Parasitologists
>         <http://www-museum.unl.edu/asp/>  (note: be sure to include the 
>last / after asp)
>                 - Parasitlological Research Groups & Societies         

>I'm sure you'll hear of the favorites of others but you won't go wrong 
>with these.

>        jimmau

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