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Ergasilus control

derek a. zelmer zelmeda4 at WFU.EDU
Wed Jul 24 13:57:19 EST 1996

About the control of Ergasilus...

D.L. Mitchum, in his book Parasites of Fishes in Wyoming, gives these 
treatments for general copepod and ectoparasite control:

1. Masoten (Dylox): 0.25 to 0.5 ppm 5 times at weekly intervals (kills 
   adult Argulus and larval Lernaea, but not adult Lernaea)
	-see Hoffman and Meyer 1974. Parasites of Freshwater Fishes: A 
	Review of their Control and Treatment. 224 pp. T.F.H. Publ. Inc,
	Neptune City, NJ.
2. Salt (NaCl) in the tanks may give some control (0.2% to 0.5% for 3-5 days)
3. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2): 250 to 500 ppm flush or dip for 15 minutes

R.J.G. Lester and F.R. Roubal in Fish Diseases and Disorders (P.T.K. Woo 
ed.) give treatments used specifically for Ergasilus. The first 5 are 
cited from Kabata, 1985 (Parasites and Diseases of Fish Cultured in the 
Tropics. Taylor and Francis, London):

1) copper sulphate and ferric sulphate in a 5:2 ratio
2) Dipterex (Dylox, Chlorophor, Foschlor, Neguvon, Masoten) at 0.15 ppm 
   for 6 hours
  -Hogans (1989. Journal of Fish Diseases 12:529-531) reported successful 
   treatment of E. labracis on Atlantic salmon with Neguvon at 0.25 mg/L

3) Bromex (dimethyl 1,2-dibromo-2,2-dichloroethyl phosphate): 0.125-0.15 
   ppm in water of greater than 400 ppm chlorinity (freshwater fish are more 
   sensitive to the treatment)
4) Malathion: 0.2 ppm for 6 hours
5) the dyes Brilliant Green and Violet K at 0.1 mg/L killed nauplii in 
   3-24 hours

E. ceylonensis on the Asian cichlid was successfully treated with 3-5 ppm 
potassium permanganate. 

As always, the specific treatment you use will depend on your resources, 
and your pond set up...it would be wise to try any treatment on 
individual fish in aquaria before treating the whole pond, just to get an 
idea of the effect on the fish themselves.

Derek Zelmer

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