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Causal link between parasites and cancer?

derek a. zelmer zelmeda4 at WFU.EDU
Thu Nov 9 08:22:47 EST 1995

On 8 Nov 1995, Perry Kundert wrote:

>     There appears to be a lot of talk these days about a link between
> certain parasites, and cancer in humans.  For instance, the book
>         The Cure for All Cancers
> advocates this theory; it is making the rounds in our local "Health
> Food" book stores, and seems to be meeting with a certain amount of
> popular acceptance...

There has been, I believe, a link shown between certain schistosome 
infections and certain types of cancer, but this book by Hulda Clark is a 
farce. She claims that all cancer is caused by one parasite, Fasciolopsis 
buskii, an asian trematode contracted by opening water chestnuts with your 
teeth (the cercaria are deposited there by the snail intermediate). The 
cancer is caused when the trematode is induced to complete its entire 
life cycle within the liver of the human host (miracidia->sporocyst->
redia->cercaria->metacercaria->adult) by propyl alchohol produced by the host.
The growth factor, ortho-phospho-tyrosine produced during this one host cycle 
is what lead to ALL forms of cancer. Surprisingly, the only way to get rid of
the parasite is to use her mixture of black walnut hulls, wormwood, and 
cloves. Of course, you have to grow your own wormwood, as the foolish 
people at the FDA have regulated it as toxic. You MUST NOT try to rid 
yourself of this parasite using drug parasiticides, as they can be 
extremely toxic. You will also need to take ornithine at night and 
arginine in the morning, to counteract the effects of the huge amounts of 
ammonia being released by the worms. AND cancer is not the only disease 
caused by these worms. If the adults move from the liver to your pancreas 
you'll get diabetes, if they're in your thymus you'll have HIV, in your 
brain they are the cause of Alzheimer's disease, in your 
kidneys...Hodgkin's, and of course, if they get into your skin the 
inevitable result is Kaposi's sarcoma. Hard to believe the medical 
community has missed something as obvious as this...but Dr. Clark has 
seen it in 100% of the cancer patients she has examined. WHAT? You 
haven't seen these results published anywhere? Well, naturally 
information as vital as this should not get caught up in the peer review 
process...the only way to get it to the general public fast enough is to 
write a book. If you want to see the data it'll only cost $95. Gosh, 
there sure are going to be alot of people out of work now that all these 
formerly incurable diseases have been demystified.

			Derek A. Zelmer

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