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Trypanosome EM picture

Mona Abdallah monaa at osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu
Wed Nov 8 11:57:48 EST 1995

Charlie Bond <charlie at spec.ch.man.ac.uk> wrote:
>Does anyone have an EM picture, or nice stained micrograph of a
>trypanosome (preferably T. cruzi) in a computer format (not hard copy)
>which they wouldn't mind me putting in my thesis, please.
>I've searched all of the parasite references I can find on the web.
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>{ o|o }  charlie.bond at stud.man.ac.uk           { o|o }
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> |`-'|   Tel. 0161 275 4689                     ##-## 
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I have a photograph of Trypanosoma acomys (a stercorarian herpetosome) 
that I worked on in my Master's thesis. If you are interested, I can try 
to scan a picture of it. You can also scan color or EM pictures from a 
colored atlas of tropical medicine and parasitology, or a parasitology 
textbook. I have pictures of a trypomastigote form among red blood cells 
or epimastigote forms in culture. If you are interested please E-mail me 
at monaa at ousunx.ucc.okstate.edu. I am just starting to learn about using 
the internet so I will try my best to get a picture to you. 
                                Take care!
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