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parasite slide swap

Ivar Vollseth Ivar.Vollseth at veths.no
Tue Mar 28 04:20:15 EST 1995

In article <1995Mar24.151814.1 at altair.selu.edu>, fbio1125 at altair.selu.edu says:
>The Education Committee of the American Society of Parasitologists is concerned
>with the decline in the variety of microscope slides of parasites that are
>available from biological supply companies for use in parasitology education. 
>In response to a discussion of this problem in the ASP Newsletter, two supply
>companies wrote to the Education Committee and expressed an interest in
>receiving parasites which they could use for slide preparation.  These
>companies were particularly interested in obtaining specimens of parasites of
>medical importance.  One company expressed its willingness to purchase
>specimens or to provide other slides in exchange for donated specimens.  The
>Education Committee urges all parasitologists who have such specimens to
>correspond with biological supply companies and do whatever they can to
>increase the availability of microscope slides of parasites for use in
>parasitology teaching laboratories.
>The Education Committee has an additional suggestion to increase the variety of
>parasite slides available for teaching parasitology.  We propose the
>institution of a Parasite Slide Exchange.  We ask that parasitologists
>communicate with one another through this Parasitology Newsgroup and arrange to
>exchange microscope slides (or unmounted specimens, etc.) among themselves.  We
>believe that this may be of particular value to those parasitologists who teach
>General Parasitology courses where non-medically important parasites,
>unavailable through supply companies, may be obtained.
>To start the ball rolling, I will offer to swap ten mounted specimens of
>Alloglossidium greeri (Trematoda: Macroderoididae) a progenetic fluke from the
>antennary gland of the Cajun dwarf crayfish, Cambarellus shufeldtii.  In
>return, I'll take an equivalent number of slides of any trematode, cestode,
>monogene, acanthocephalan, or nematode that you might wish to provide.  I can
>also supply a reprint of the species description of A. greeri, and an article
>discussing the evolutionary significance of progenesis in Alloglossidium.
>Please get in touch with me at:
>wffont at selu.edu
>William F. Font
>Dept. of Biological Sciences
>Southeastern Louisiana University
>Hammond, LA 70402   USA
>(504) 549-2901
>FAX (504) 549-3851

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