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Amoebiosis ( I think...)

Ira Redwood redwood at ug
Wed Jun 7 12:27:20 EST 1995

I'm not sure of the spelling of amoebiosis ( Ab ) so I'll have to hope 
you know what I'm talking about. I've read that Ab can only be detected 
in fresh, warm stool samples. Is that correct? Is there any chance of 
detecting Ab in a normal sample? Can Ab be confused with dientamoeoba 
fragilis ( DAb )? The reason I'm asking is because I've been troubled 
with an intestinal parasite ( diagnosed as DAb ), and was treated with 
tetracycline and then diodoquin (sp?). I also gave myself three doses of 
that pinworm stuff in two-week cycles ( I assume the two-week intervals 
between doses has to do with the life cycle of the pinworms ). However, 
after completing all of this over a month ago, and having a negative 
result on a stool sample after that, I am still plagued by diarrhea and 
dizzy spells. I've been told that there is a period after taking such 
medicine that you can still have the above symptoms, but this seems to be 
going on a bit too long. I've recently gone back to the doctor, and I'm 
awaiting results, but I'd appreciate any thoughts that members of this 
group might have. Am I just being paranoid, or what? I know I'll never 
eat another raw scallop again :0

Where does dientamoeba come from, anyway? I read that it *may* come from 
the eggs of pinworms ( hence the doses ), but I've heard of no conclusive 
evidence of that.

Oh, and how do you detect those cystoids that Ab can establish in a 
person? I've read that some have been located in the liver and even the 
brain.           I think I'm getting dizzy again...    :(

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