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what is locke's solution

Richard E. Clopton septate at tam2000.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 12 09:09:47 EST 1995

Caron.Johnson (Johnson at zoology.unp.ac.za) wrote:
: Locke's solution is used as a preservative for metacercariae 
: according to American literature.  What exactly is it?  Is there a recipe 
: for it?  If one buys it already madeup, where would I purchase it?  Any 
: information regarding Locke's solution would be appreciated.

Locke's Solution is a fairly common (or used to be) saline used to prepare
fresh material for live study (or to simply hold live material for 
experimental purposes).  I suppose you could call it a preservative in that
it preserves the life in living specimens, but it certainly doesn't have 

Locke's solution is (or used to be) a fairly common saline used to 
prepare wet mounts of living material or to simply hold living material
for experimental or culturing purposes.  I'm not sure what you mean by
"preservative" here, but Locke's Solution (at least the forms I am 
familiar with) has no fixation property.  It could be used to hold 
metacercariae until the relax, at which point another fixative solution 
could be used, but simply left in Locke's Solution, dead tissue will decay.



Sodium Chloride...................9 gm
Potassium Chloride................0.42 gm
Calcium Chloride, anhydrous.......0.24 gm
Sodium Bicarbonate................0.2 gm
Distilled Water................1000 ml

Dissolve the calcium chloride last.  The solution does not keep well and 
must NOT be boiled.  If sterilization is necessary, this should be done 
by filtration.

There are several slight variations of Locke's Solution, but none that 
are significantly different (that I know of).  Some other parasitologist
out there might know of a Locke's Fixative . . .

Good Luck,


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